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The Chevy Camaro in my opion is the best of all sports car, that is in an affordable range. I currently own a Camaro convertible, and  have driven the Dodge Charger, and Challenger which are very good on the affordability of sports cars, as well as the Ford Mustang. When I test drove my Camaro in June of 2015, after driving all the others. I said this is the car for me.

The Chevy Camaro went on sale first in 1966

When are the 2017 Camaros coming out. When I saw the 2016 Camaro style I was not really moved by it, but at the end of the year when the 2017 comes out. This car is noticeably different in many ways. Where the best dealerships in WV to buy a Camaro. Moses auto has purchased the C&O Motor Co, which is good for Moses because they were not Chevrolet dealers before. When I’m ready to trade my 2015 in I can stick with Moses who treated me very well, and purchase a new model.

The Chevy Camaro second generation began in 1970 to 1981

The 5th generation began in 2009, and is the body style that is most familiar today , with the 6th generation out in 2016, with some slight body changes, but the Camaro, will be my car of choice for years to come unless something else comes out that can top with perfect vehicle.