Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950; this in all likelihood was the last gasp of a gangster movie that James Cagney had appeared in. He really should have stopped at White Heat, but this film came along. Th old Cagney from the 30’s was long gone, but still entertaining with some flair of the old days of James Cagney. Also starring Barbara Payton, Ward Bond, and Barton MacLane.


 Who Directed Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Gordon Douglas


Beetle Bailey are there any old school comics left, well this one is for sure. Mort Walker has been drawing, and writing Beetle Bailey since 1950 this is 66 years. So Mort Walker is still producing Beetle Bailey, and is in his 90’s, This is probably the only comic strip, and the oldest still produced by the original writer, and artist.

Beetle Bailey was station at camp swampy

I was a big fan of this as a kid. And Sad Sack as well. I’d have to say Sad Sack was my favorite, because it was, and actual comic book, but Beetle Bailey is still with us by Mort Walker still living in his 90’s.