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The Chevy Camaro in my opion is the best of all sports car, that is in an affordable range. I currently own a Camaro convertible, and  have driven the Dodge Charger, and Challenger which are very good on the affordability of sports cars, as well as the Ford Mustang. When I test drove my Camaro in June of 2015, after driving all the others. I said this is the car for me.

The Chevy Camaro went on sale first in 1966

When are the 2017 Camaros coming out. When I saw the 2016 Camaro style I was not really moved by it, but at the end of the year when the 2017 comes out. This car is noticeably different in many ways. Where the best dealerships in WV to buy a Camaro. Moses auto has purchased the C&O Motor Co, which is good for Moses because they were not Chevrolet dealers before. When I’m ready to trade my 2015 in I can stick with Moses who treated me very well, and purchase a new model.

The Chevy Camaro second generation began in 1970 to 1981

The 5th generation began in 2009, and is the body style that is most familiar today , with the 6th generation out in 2016, with some slight body changes, but the Camaro, will be my car of choice for years to come unless something else comes out that can top with perfect vehicle.




Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali ( Cassius Clay) moves in with a series of amsshes to the face of challenger Floyd Patterson in the sixth round of their title fight at Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov. 22, 1965. (AP Photo)

Muhammad Ali holds up the torch prior to lighting a device that would carry the flame up the cauldron1Beatles-Muhammad-Ali160602-muhammad-ali-sonny-liston-yh-0324p_d9233f379ca957fee223c6bb4d5b390d.nbcnews-ux-2880-100029089D9E00000578-0-Never_before_seen_Fifty_years_after_Muhammad_Ali_defeated_Sonny_-a-20_1432568405478







Muhammad Ali passed away last Friday June 3, 2016, at the age of 74; We have lost a great number of pop cultural icons in less than 6 months of 2016; Prince, David Bowie, and many more. In my opinion Muhammad Ali was truly the greatest boxer of my generation, others may have had there Favorites. Some can say the “Brown Bomber” Joe Louis, or Rocky Marciano, Mike Tyson, maybe Sugar Ray Leonard. Thats just how it is. We also had our Montanas, Aarons,Mantles,Namaths,Jordans and Jim Browns to.

What I liked about Ali he just really walked the walk, and talked the talk, just fun to watch in and out of the boxing ring, and was the best of the best, but sadly was one of the ones that hung around much to long. A very sad demise, sad to watch It reminded me of when I saw Frank Sinatra live in the early 1990s, at Radio City Music Hall, painful. Muhammad Ali made up for it very well after his ring days were long over with an amazing legacy, with things like lighting the Olympic torch to start the 1996 Atlanta Summer games.

My all time favorite interview that Ali gave was with Brent Musburger on CBS. I think in the early 80s, He may have been preparing for a fight with Leon Spinks, or Larry Holmes, forgive me it was 35 or 36 years ago truly at the end of the line of Ali’s boxing career. I have searched on You Tube, and have not been able to locate the interview, but Ali was at his best at being Muhammad Ali till the end. I as a kid of the late 1960s; and was very fortunate, and lucky to have been able to watch Ali box on TV many times, also through out the decade of the 1970s, and as an adult in the 1980s


In my opinion the greatest boxing title championship fight ever, and with the most hype ever, was as billed the “rumble in the Jungle”. Muhammad Ali Vs George Foreman in Zaire Africa, AIi was technically washed up, it was two Olympic Gold Medal winners duking it out. I saw the fight live on close circuit TV with my older brother, and my father at the old Scope in Norfolk VA in 1975; A place where basketball games were played, and rock concerts are performed. It was on this big screen bigger than a movie, just one of those things you never forget. I wont spoil it, and say who won that fight.

Well many of Muhammad Ali’s boxing contemporary’s are also no longer with us. Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, and Sonny Liston are all long gone. I’ll just say the Simon and Garfunkle line in the song Mrs Robinson rings very true, “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you, Joltin Joe has left, and gone away”. I know what it meant then, and it means even more now.




TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Bangladesh-Politics-History" By Julie Clothier In this undated file photo Former Beatle George Harrison looks on during a visit to the home of the Shankar family in Calcutta in 1972. A Bangladeshi lawyer who wants his country to officially recognise George Harrison and Ted Kennedy for highlighting its 1971 struggle for independence has taken his battle to the country's high court. Masood Sobhan says it is a "disgrace" the Beatles lead guitarist and US Senator were never formally thanked by Bangladesh for publicising its war of independence with Pakistan. (FILM) AFP PHOTO/Tekee TANWAR (Photo credit should read TEKEE TANWAR/AFP/Getty Images)


Who was the first Beatle to have a number one hit. In the post Beatle era. George Harrison, who was an excellent song writer, and was finally able to shine. George Harrison released a 3 album set called All Things Must Past 1970; A major hit record, and the first 3 record album to peak at number 1, and peaked at number 3 on the U.S. billboard charts.

What was the name of George Harrison first solo album, All Things Must Pass 1970

Where was All Things Must Pass recorded, Abbey Road studios. This album was co produced by Phil Spector, and George Harrison. A triple album a big risk for any artist, but Harrison was able to pull it off with a lot of help from his friends.

When did George Harrison die, Beatle George passed away November 21, 2001


How many times has George Harrison been married, George was married twice, first to Pattie Boyd 1966; and to Olivia Harrison in 1978;

I think if George would have been given opportunities, he would have produce more great music, especially on Sgt Pepper where he only has one song, called Within You, Without You.






Where did Legos come from, The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. Legos has come a long way. I had the basic Lego set, and my kids today play with that basic set too.

When was Legos first star, they began making inter locking blocks in 1949

Legos was a great toy, because it improved your mind every time you built something with it.



what color was paul newmans eyes 25-paul-newman 360_paul_newman_a_0927 500full 936full-hombre-screenshot 1964-paul-newman 392814_1020_A article-1063222-02D1B2A900000578-173_468x629 CoolHandLuke_106Pyxurz cool-hand-luke_628 download (2) download exodus hud-thumb-320x401 hustler-gleason-newman images new paul 2 new paul newman

Actor Paul Newman is shown in a scene from the 1973 film "The Mackintosh Man" in this undated file photograph. Legendary film star Newman, whose brilliant blue eyes, good looks and talent made him one of Hollywood's top actors over six decades, has died, a spokesman said on September 27, 2008. He was 83 and had been battling cancer. REUTERS/Warner Bros/Handout (UNITED STATES) BLACK AND WHITE ONLY. NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. NEWMAN/ LAB15_NEWMAN-_0927_11.JPG


American actor Paul Newman (1925 - 2008) wearing a cosmetic scar on his right cheek, circa 1960. (Photo by Jack Albin/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Paul_Newman_-_1963 Paul_Newman_-_publicity paul_newman_11 Paul_Newman_1954 Paul_Newman_Once_Upon_a_Wheel_1971 paul_newman04 paul_newman08 paul-newman (1) paul-newman (2) paul-newman Paul-Newman_blog

5563415 (9021) Paul NEWMAN (*26.01.1925), amerikanischer Schauspieler, Rennfahrer und Unternehmer, Portrait bei den Dreharbeiten zu dem amerikanischen Spielfilm "Paris Blues", 1960, [SPERRVERMERKE BEACHTEN | PLEASE CHECK RESTRICTIONS! Nutzung nur mit Genehmigung und gegen Honorar, Beleg, Namensnennung und zu unseren AGB. Nur zur redaktionellen Verwendung. Honorare an: KEYSTONE Pressedienst, HASPA, BLZ 200 505 50, Kto. 1235130877], Innenaufnahme, s/w, 20. Jahrhundert, 60er Jahre, Portrait, Name= Newman, Paul, Personen, Schauspieler, Paris Blues, Querformat, raucht, rauchend, rauchen, Zigarette, a00689, amerikanischer, geb. 26.01.1925, Rennfahrer, Unternehmer

paul-newman-13 paul-newman-734301 Paul-Newman-and-Jackie-Stewart-Rolex-at-Riverside-Raceway paul-newman-daytona (1) Paul-Newman-Daytona paul-newman-paul-newman-12828070-300-422 Paul-Newman-paul-newman-33098395-500-696 paul-newman-v-neck tumblr_mgu8igpuUZ1rewb6ao1_1280

How many Oscars have Paul Newman won, he was won 1 Academy Award for the Color Of Money in 1987; I guess Paul didn’t think he would win so. Robert Wise accepted his Oscar. Anyway Paul Newman aged very gratefully, with is beginnings with his first hit film Somebody Up There Likes Me 1956; to The Road To Perdition 2002; and a lot of great memorable roles in between. We have Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid 1969; Hud 1963;Harper 1966; and Cool Hand Luke 1967

Where is Paul Newman from, he is from Shaker Heights,OH a suburb of Cleveland.

How many Oscar nomination did Paul Newman have, Paul had a total of 10 nominations total, one for best picture Rachel Rachel 1968, and 9 for acting.


There are a few old Hollywood actors or actress left out there, Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland, Sidney Poitier, Doris Day,Eva Marie Saint, but when Newman died it kind of ended the Old Hollywood era in my opinion. Paul Newman he had his main direct competition of Steve McQueen, but actors coming up about the same time, but with Newman clearly with more nominations, and got the better roles for some reason. I think McQueen from what I have read by the 1960’s he had become a very difficult actor to work with.

How long was Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward married, They were married from 1958 to his death in 2008

What I liked about Newman, by the early 80’s, and considered over the hill, at his mid 50’s, he resurrected his career with more Oscar worth performances, such as The Verdict 1982, Absence Of Malice, and Fort Apache The Bronx from 1981; and finally winning in 1987 for the Color of Money

 What year was Paul Newman Born, 1925


lindsey-vonn lindsey-vonn-at-body-at-espys-at-milk-studios-in-hollywood_1 Lindsey-Vonn-Feet-1186024 Lindsey-Vonn-in-Tight-Mini-Dress--07-662x1047 lindsey-vonn-jurassic-world-premiere-in-hollywood_1 LV-8 vonnweb6s-3-web

Lindsey Vonn is a world cup alpine ski racer. Lets have a peak at her.


Where is Lindsey Vonn from, she was born in Saint Paul Minnesota in 1984, and her role model was Picabo Street, who she met when she was 10 years old.


When was Lindsey Vonn first Olympic appearance, it was in Salt Lake City in 2002; at age 17

How many Olympic Gold medals has Lindsey Vonn won. She has own 1 gold medal at the Vancouver games in 2010; She has also won a bronze metal as well.

How many Olympic teams has Lindsey Vonn been on, she was on 2002, 2006, and 2010, 2 medals 1 gold.



who was the first super bowl mvp


What Network is televising the Super Bowl. You will find the big game on CBS this year. With Phil Simms, and Jim Nantz. I like these guys. They have been together for years calling games. Phil Simms the color, and Nantz one of the best at play by play.

How much is a 30 second ad the the Super Bowl, it’s 5 million dollars. The reason the Super Bowl is the biggest of all sports championships. It’s one game, no best of 5, or 7; just playoff rounds to get there.

Where is the Super Bowl played this year, In Santa Clara,CA at Levi’s Stadium. The home of the San Francisco 49ers. Which is a ball field that’s been around only a few years, and the first time the big game will be played there. I lived in Sunnyvale as a kid in the late 60’s which is just around the corner.

Who were the first Super Bowl teams. The Green Bay Packers, and The Kansas City Chiefs. This is when both teams were in totally separate leagues. The Packers in the NFL, which was the original league, and KC in the new AFL, that just been around for 6 years.

When did the the NFL and AFL merge. The both leagues became one officially in 1970; with The Baltimore Colts winning the first Super Bowl in the post merger era. We had the Baltimore Colts defeating the Dallas Cowboys 16 to 13


Who performed the first Super Bowl National Anaheim. University of Arizona, University of Michigan Marching Bands & UCLA choir.


379c780e7a9053db37cb6ff906e99039 jumping-jacks-dean-martin-jerry-lewis-1952-jumping martin and lewis


Martin And Lewis were at the top of there comedic game in the 1950’s, So when did the comedy team era end. They were a comedy team, but not like the old school comedy teams we knew for years, like Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello. The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, or the Ritz Brothers. Martin and Lewis took comedy to a new level.

They were young, and had a lot of energy much like The Beatles would have about 10 years later, just comstatly go, go , go. lots of physical comdey. If you watch there classic comedy routines on the Colgate Comedy Hour. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were also for the most part they came from blue collar back grounds. Martin from the steel mill town of Steubenville, OH, and Jerry Lewis from Newark,NJ. There comedy was new different, and brash.

Why did Martin and Lewis Break up, My personal theory. Jerry Lewis wanted to really produce, and direct the act. Plus the comedy team era was coming to an end anyway. They came up in the mid 1940s in the post WW ll era. The war is over, and now lets find some fresh new comedians to follow.

Where was Dean Martin Born, Steubenville, OH

Martin & Lewis movies of the 50’s, this comedy team made very popular movies, and very profitable for Paramount pictures led by the powerful Hal Wallis, who also produced most of Elvis Presley’s films. A lot of the films were cookie cutter same format, but Lewis was funny, Martin the singer, and arguably the best straight man in the business.Who was the best straight man Dean Martin hands down, Bud Abbott a close second. In comedy it’s all about timing.

Where was Jerry Lewis born, Newark,NJ

When did Martin and Lewis Break up. They decided to end there partner ship on the night of July 25, 1956 the same year they had there final films out, Partners, and the final film Hollywood or Bust, so till the end there were at the top. They made there historic last ever appearance together at 2:30 am at the Copacabana night club in New York City. A who’s who of all Hollywood were in attendance, with Sammy Davis Jr as the only star they called on stage. That must have been cool.

Dean Martin solo career. Dean Martin, as well as Jerry Lewis both had very good solo career. Which is very rare when acts break up, usually one suffers , but Martin started doing the opposite in films very serious dramatic rolls.

How Many films did Martin & Lewis Make, 16 in all

The first dramatic role for Dean was with Frank Sinatra in Vincent Minnelli’s 1958, also starring Shirley MacLaine, also co starring the same year with mega troubled star method actor Montgomery Clift, with Marlon Brando in The Young Lions. Also for Martin a big role in Howard Hawk’s 1959 Rio Bravo, with John Wayne, and new comer Ricky Nelson. Martin was nailed down as a good dramatic actor.

Jerry Lewis solo career. He stayed to what worked, with his usual physical comedy formula. The Delicate Delinquent, Rock A Bye Baby, The Sad Sack,Geisha Boy, very quickly produced, and released after the split. Very funny movies. I recall as a kid watching them on late night TV.

Dean Martin’s TV career. Dean Martin made the most money, and had clearly the most success on TV,with the Dean Martin Show debuting in 1965, and ran for 9 season on NBC, and made him very wealthy, not bad for a high school drop out. Who was more successful after the split Martin or Lewis. I think Dean Martin was. Lot’s of NBC stock. He did very very well. By the mid 60’s Lewis is comedy was becoming very routine, much like the Elvis Presley very cookie cutter films,and he tried and failed miserably at late night talk shows, did I say failed miserably.

Who was the funniest Martin or Lewis. The straight man is always quietly funnier.

Who was the funniest comedy team ever, hard question. I was a mega fan of the Marx Brothers. They didn’t made a lot of movies, and became very dated as the years went on, not there fault, but time marches on fortunately. Martin and Lewis kind of the same issue, but there movies live on forever, and they marked the end of the classic comedy team. A few came a long after. Cheech, and Chong, and Rowan and Martin, but they were clearly second rate.

When did Martin and Lewis break up, in 1956

From the Rat Pack era who were the member’s. You had Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr, Joey Bishop, and Dean. Martin and Lewis would have been right in the middle of the rat pack if they didn’t break up. They both hung out with the same crowd, and frequently cross paths all over Hollywood, and on Hollywood back lotsDean Martin died in 1995; and Jerry Lewis amazingly is still living, and performing at 89 years old, and will be 90 this year. I’m a big fan of Martin and Lewis, and both of them separately. They will live forever, with great movies, and great comedy.

What was Martin and Lewis first film, My Friend Irma from 1949

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