MASH, was a great show for a lot of reasons. The actors, the writing the directors ect , but in my MASH was on a great successful path almost from day one, and it has a very crazy gamble when the ’74-’75 season ended. The show lost two of it’s most popular cast member’s of the show at the same time, and appear on there finial show at the same time. Which was MacLean Stevenson’s charachter finial show, and the writers, and producers had to scramble to fix this mess. MacLean There no special goodbyes or send offs for Wayne Rogers he abruptly because of a dispute regarding is role on the show, and just did not return for the 1975-1976 season.

So on the finial show of MacLean Stevenson, it was also the last show for Wayne Rogers, and the fall 1975 season began. It shows Hawkeye returning from Tokyo, and learning that Wayne Rogers character Trapper John McIntyre got all his point and was sent home. Well written, to explain his absence. Which was an easy fix. Its the Army at war in Korea, and people go home.

The big gamble was replacing Trapper with squeaky clean BJ Hunnicut family man, and all the above, young just out of medical school. The chemistry with Hawkeye and Trapper was very good, and to flip the chemistry was a major gamble that worked. The show was enormously popular so the flip in the show was something they could try.

Lets take it a step farther, we had to replace the Colonel with a veteran full bird Colonel with Henry Morgan veteran character actor from old Hollywood, this guy was kind of forgotten. The last major thing he did was Dragnet in the late 60’s; which ended in 1970; he was old school acting appearing in classic movies such as The Ox Bow Incident opposite Henry Fonda. High Noon with Gary Cooper, and a string of B movies along the way up to his MASH time.

The key to the show, as long as they had Alan Alda as there anchor, and kept him happy they could try these, and make these radical changes. The most wild thing about MASH the show was stingy, as long as MASH was on TV; from 1972 to 1983; there was not one spin off while the show was in its full run. The show Aftermash started the fall of ’83; and there was a very, very horrible show that never got past a pilot which was called WALTER.

Unlike all those great CBS Normal Lear show, like All In The Family, and Maude, he was all about the spin off. I think you just had some anger, with some departing cast mates of MASH, that kind of killed opportunities for Stevenson, and Rogers. Wayne Rogers did not fair well after MASH he did a show that lasted maybe 13 or 14 episodes called City Of Angels that debuted in the fall of 1976; Wayne Rogers started an investment company which were his wealth came from, but his TV career floundered, with a small spark in the 80’s with House Calls. The same pretty much went for MacLean Stevenson he did 3 very poor TV shows that came out back to back to back. He had The MacLean Stevenson Show 1977; In The Beginning 1978; and the worst of all Hello Larry 1979; but it was the only of the three shows that lasted a full season, and a few shows into 1980

In the following years other original cast member would leave. We lost Larry Linville, and Gary Burghoff, with the addition of David Ogden Stiers another risky move, but with the show in full swing in a new direction his add to the cast worked. 

As the show got into the late 70’s; and it was getting kind of silly that a show about a war that only in real life lasted about 3 year, from 1950 to 1953; was dragging on about 7 season, and by 1982 10 seasons. It must have been getting harder and hard to write shows. Well that’s just me, MASH became a much serious show, by the late 70’s and early 80’s.  A lot of the main stars of the original show are gone now. MacLean Stevens died in 1996; Wayne Rogers died 2015; and Larry Linville died in 2000

MASH when it first aired it did not do well. It was bounced around to several different days of the week, but with Alan Alda getting the spotlight it jumped in the ratings, and the rest is history. The MASH finale Goodbye Amen and Farewell which aired February 28, 1983 with 125 million viewers, I watched of course, was the most watch TV show ever. A record that will never probably be broken.



Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950; this in all likelihood was the last gasp of a gangster movie that James Cagney had appeared in. He really should have stopped at White Heat, but this film came along. Th old Cagney from the 30’s was long gone, but still entertaining with some flair of the old days of James Cagney. Also starring Barbara Payton, Ward Bond, and Barton MacLane.


 Who Directed Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Gordon Douglas








1964, 01-05


New York Giants quarterback Charlie Conerly (#42) looks to pass as the Baltimore Colts end Gino Marchetti (#89) applies pressure during the 1959 NFL Championship game at Memorial Stadium. Baltimore, Maryland 12/27/1959 (Image # 2069 )



NFL, the National Football league, There are still believe it, or not they is still a hand full of teams from the old NFL, pre 1970 NFL-AFL merger who have never won a super bowl, and there are some shockingly never made an appearance.  Lets have a look first at all the NFL teams who were in the NFL prior to 1970


Lets have a look at who was in the NFL in 1969;  these are teams who have never won a Super Bowl. The Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Theses are teams that jointed the NFL, and various times through the 1940’s, and 1950’s, and 1960’s; with the Lions joining the league in 1930 being the oldest

Now shall we take this a step further, shockingly even more, some of these teams have never appeared in a Super Bowl. We have the Cleveland Browns, and the Detroit Lions. The interesting thing about the old NFL. The Browns, Lions, and Eagles have all won NFL championships, which were played in cold northern cities out doors in the snow, not very pretty sights, but since the super bowl era.

The NFL championships have gone largely forgotten. The Detroit Lions won 4 NFL championships, 1935, 1952,1953, and in 1957 beating the Cleveland Browns, but nobody care or remebers outside of Detroit. The old timers can fondly remember those 1950’s win with Bobby Layne years wining 3 of those championship. If they were Super Bowls we would remember them, but since pre-Super Bowl they are totally forgotten.

Its only fair to add the AFL, which was formed in 1959, and launched in 1960; These original AFL teams have never won a Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills, Houston Oilers now the Tennessee Titans, The San Diego Chargers, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Since the Titans records are part of the old Oilers, they have won two AFL championships, 1960, and 1961; with the Chargers winning a AFL championship in 1963; although all these great accomplishments, but with the inception of the Super Bowl, again totally forgotten, as if they were never played.

This as if Major League Baseball’s National league being the senior circuit as it’s called didn’t play a world series until 1946, and both leagues had separate championships. The American had theirs, National league with theirs, since they were separate leagues. Then in 1947 boom all merged up, and the world series begins, and those great Yankees championships with Ruth, DiMaggio, and Gehrig forgotten, can you imagine, but the American league was formed early enough in 1901, for all prior to be totally forgotten, National league champions from 1900, and earlier didn’t really mean much.

Where was the first NFL Super Bowl played, the Los Angeles Coliseum

We got the picture, so with the new expansion teams. There are still newer franchises who have not won a Super Bowl. There are the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Carolina Panthers,  and I strongly believe, as long as the Lions been in the NFL, these new teams will win the big Super Bowl for sure.

Here’s a bit of NFL trivia, there are two teams who have the longest drought since appearing and winning there perspective Super Bowls. The Jets winning Super Bowl 3; in 1968 beating the favorite Baltimore Colts, and the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl 4 in 1969 beating Joe Kapp, and his Minnesota Vikings, both these teams have not only not won another Super Bowl. The Chiefs nor the Jets haven’t even been back since. Which is amazing, this should tell you how hard it is to win. As the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the first championship in the city since the 1964 Browns. The Brown, and Indians do have hope. The championship era was very big very big fan turn out, and televised, also the AFL














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mphelps Phelps_gold


Michael Phelps, could this be his final Olympics, will he return for 2020. Only time will tell. Anyway here is a look at Phelps over the years.


depp handsome johnny depp hd wallpaper img-sx-top-johnny-depp_114456134947 Johnny Depp-1406453 Johnny johnny_depp1_300_400 johnny-depp-1-jpg


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Johnny-Depp-Hat johnny-depp-image1 Johnny-Depp-images johnny-depp-johnny-depp-10097283-1188-1500 Johnny-Depp-johnny-depp-34330259-589-707 johnny-depp-normal-photo johnny-depp-untinted-glasses




Johnny Depp, one of the best actors in his times, born in 1963 from Owensboro, KY

Here is a collection of Depp over the years

Has Johnny Depp ever won an Oscar, the answer is no




Iggy Azalea red carpet photo

Iggy Azalea red carpet photo
Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

iggy azalea Iggy+Azalea+Iggy+Azalea+Leaves+BBC+Radio+Studios+iy-815ka4sIx

Iggy Azalea arrives at Key 103 Radio station Manchester Featuring: Iggy Azalea Where: Manchester, United Kingdom When: 30 May 2013 Credit: Steve Searle/WENN.com

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Iggy Azalea the Australian native has had some very bolt styles over the years here are a few  



According to the Daily Caller site The Daily news has nude pic’s of Donald Trumps wife Melania Trump