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The Godfather Part II Best Film Of The Decade









The Godfather Part II is probably the best made film of the 70s, and arguably maybe ever. Francis Ford Coppola said many times. He was under great pressure while filming the Godfather in 1971, and was about to be fired from the film at any point, almost daily by the Paramount heads, for a lot of questionable decisions. One being the casting a relatively unknown, Al Pacino, and for many other reasons. When part 2 came around, his main wish was to be left alone, and to make the move his way, and he made a master piece, on all levels.

Al Pacino’s character is clearly the new Don in the film, either being ran out of New York, by the other families, or by choice to get into the casino business, in Nevada, and pre-Castro Cuba who knows. I saw this film for the first time I think on HBO, in the cable stations primitive state maybe in the late 70s, and I did see the Godfather Saga around ’77; broadcast on TV over a three night period I think. Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro appear in this movie of course. Al Pacino as Michael, and Robert DeNiro, the young Vito Corleone.

Whats great about The Godfather Part llis everyone who was still living, what I mean who was not killed off appear in this movie from the first film. This film smartly goes back, and forth between when young Vito comes to American in 1901, and it Chronicles  Michael in 1958 Lake Tahoe,NVThis film effortlessly goes back, and forth between eras. In the 1958 era, Michael has to deal with major betrayal, a street war, and a senate investigation into his mod world. In the Vito Corleone segment starring Robert DeNiro who is a relatively newcomer to Hollywood. This film make him a super star, and earns him an Oscar. His era shows his rise to power in New York City’s little Italy in the 1920s, muscling in on the head black handers business in the streets.

The Godfather part ll released 1974

There are some supporting stand out performances. John Cazale who plays the weak, and dim witted brother Fredo has a much broader role, and the great acting coach Lee Strasberg, plays a Meyer Lansky type character by the name of Hyman Roth, and Michael’s Brooklyn New York mob Chieftain, by the name of Frankie Pentangeli, played with an Oscar nominated performance by Michael V. Gazzo. A very colorful character indeed.  The Godfather Part ll is a very long movie, but movies along very well. A lot of movies become dated after a while,but since this is a period piece, its really timeless. This film has great consumes, and music.

Little-Known Facts About ‘The Godfather: Part II’ – ABC News

It’s hard for me to choose what film is better. The Godfather, or The Godfather Part ll. What I can tell you. They are both my personal favorite movies of all time. The Godfather Part ll one the Oscar for best picture, as did the Godfather. The only sequels in the history of American film to do so. Other notable Oscar winners was Robert De Niro, Best Supporting actor for his role as Vito Corleone.

The cast rounds out with Talia Shire, Robert Duvall,Diane Keaton,Richard Bright,Bruno Kirby,Frank Sivero,Morgana King.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola



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