bowery boys

The Bowery Building Set To Be Torn Down

(Photo: Jaime Cone)


The Bowery section of Manhattan, a very historic area, made famous by the original Bowery Boys gang in the 1800s, and the Bowery Boys movies with Huntz Hall, and Leo Gorcey, of course CBGB’S Club where I spent new years eve 1991 ringing in the new year, and the skid row element of the city. I was in the Bowery back in March of this year walking from the East Village to SOHO, on a very cold winters day. It did not look the same. A lot of upscale building have gone up, and the look of the old Bowery is long gone. One of the structures date back to 1799 that was the year. George Washington died our first president, can you imagine that 216 years old. So good bye to these old New York City addresses 138,140,142


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