Panic In Year Zero, was released in 1962; this is an interesting film on several levels. Its borderline a B film, since there are no major current mainstream actors or actresses in the film. This is not something Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Kirk Douglas, or Burt Lancaster, Katherine Hepburn, Deborah Kerr, Audrey Hepburn, or would see Gregory Peck signing up for. I’m sure the producers asked some of these big stars. Instead what we get is a well past his prime English Oscar winning actor well past his golden age of the Paramount picture heyday is Ray Milland in the lead as the father, and as the mother Jean Hagen who’s biggest role of her career was about 10 years earlier in Gene Kelly’s Singing In The Rain, as Lina Lamont by far the biggest role for her before or since, but by now shes firmly planed in B movie status.

Now for the teeny boppers, we have Frankie Avalon as the son, now hang on this is not a musical, and there is no singing. This is a serious drama, about what would happen if our enemies, dropped nuclear weapons on the U.S.

The Baldwin family of four were heading out on a camping, and fishing trip, leaving early in the morning. The family gets maybe an hour in the drive then a massive nuclear weapon is dropped on there home town of  Los Angeles, CA  and we follow there survival through out the movie.

Other than Milland, and Hagen along with Avalon there are no other reconcilable actors who even have supporting roles. What I did notice is how mean, and selfish people were back then, a real all for himself kind of society. Instead of having some degree on all for me none for you. There dosnet seem to be much of helping thy fellow man or woman. We perhaps are just in a different time in America now thank god, and sadly we see a lot of this is older films.

The film is fairly predicable, and there are no surprise endings. If the Twilight Zone were to be offered a 2 hour TV movie, and since the show was still very popular around the time this film was release. I can see this as a Twilight Zone TV film. In the early 60’s we were at a time of a major Russian cold war, with other films due out around the same period, Seven Days in May, and the black comedy Dr Strange Love, so all movie companies were kind of on the band wagon, pushing out there nuclear movie. I personally liked the movie it was kind of fun very dated of course, got to see some early 60’s nostalgia, and great Lex Baxter jazz music through out the film.

Panic Iin Year Zero was directed by Ray Milland


This film Stars Ray Milland, Jean Hagen, Frankie Avalon, and Mary Mitchel, black, and white rated G running time 93 minutes





Zenith color TV’s, the first color TV we ever had in our house was a Zenith color TV; I remember the exact day we got this TV, even though it was 1968 almost 50 years ago. I would say that is pretty amazing to have that recollection. The only reason I remember use getting this TV there was a very significant live TV announcement make by the President of the United States Lyndon  Johnson. The day this 25 inch color TV arrived at our apartment in Sunnyvale California was the same evening Johnson made the announcement he will not seek, or will not accept another term as president of the United States.


The Day was March 31, 1968; This was amazing I got a change to see the President in color, and all the shows I’ve watched in black, and white now in color it was major cool. Batman TV show, Ultraman, Speed Racer, this really cool show called Rowan & Martins Laugh-In, and lots more. I don’t remember seeing it in the store, help picking it out or nothing, it was just there in the living room one day. This picture was close to the one we had. It’s amazing how drab these TV’s looked back then.

Who owns Zenith  now, that would be LG Electronics

The world seemed real, when it was in color, even the news when it showed the worst of the worst. I don’t see Zenith TV’s out there on the market anymore, at Walmart or any retail stores, but Zenith Electronics is still a very big corporation. Zeniths parent company of LG Electronics headquartered in South Korea. The screen size was similar, and the legs were like this one. This TV traveled around a lot over the years after we moved from California. I’m not sure when it departed, but it had maybe a 10 year run in our household.


Lalo Schifrin, I remember this composer first from the Dirty Harry 1971 movies starring Clint Eastwood, Schifrin is famous for the very gritty crime drama movie music, and some very popular TV shows from the 1960’s, and 1970’s like Mannix, Mission Impossible, The Big Valley,Medical Center,Night Gallery,and movies such as Murderer’s Row 1966; Way Way Out 1966; The Cincinnati Kid 1965; Bullitt 1968; The Argentinian native has worked over the years on films directed by Don Siegel, on his Charley Varrick 1973, and Dirty Harry 1971; and a long relationship with Clint Eastwood on many of his films such as Coogan’s Bluff 1968;Kelly’s Heroes 1970;The Beguiled 1971; Magnum Force 1973, and Joe Kidd 1972; and also Sudden Impact 1983

Lalo Schifrin was a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994

Lalo Schifrin has been nominated for 6 Academy Awards with no wins. My Favorite musical score he was nominated for was his first nomination for Paul Newman’s Cool Hand Luke 1967; Lalo Schifrin his hugely underrated in my opinion not to take anything from composers like Elmer Bernstein, Ennio Marricone, or John Williams. As of this writing Lalo Schifrin who is 83 is still composing music for movies, and TV. Most recently for Mission Impossible-Rogues Nation 2015; The most popular recent film he has written music for was Inglorious Bastards 2009

Lalo Schifrin has written over 100 scores for movies and TV






Tony Curtis as we know it, his best time in Hollywood as a leading man in Hollywood was long over by the late 60’s. He had major substance abuse issues, and was an alcoholic. He just bounced from one horrible movie after another, and even more starring in horrible TV shows, that didn’t last more that a half a season, or less. There were shows like The Persuaders 1971 with Roger Moore, and even worse a show called McCoy 1975; I remember it got a lot of press he went from talk show to talk show promoting it, and Tony was on the cover of TV guide. This show was part of NBC‘S Mystery movie series, part of a rotation of other shows. Which was very successful, but this one was not one of them.

Tony Curtis died in 2010


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The Wild Wild West 1965, The music sounded like something Elmer Bernstein would have done something that sounded like this in one of his big westerns of the 1960’s, The theme song was written by Richard Markowitz, who went on extensively to work with the TV show Murder She Wrote in the 80’s. It’s amazing that, by 1965 who won an amazing 4 Oscars Dimitri Tiomkin, who made two attempts to write a theme for The Wild Wild West, but both attempts were rejected.

The Wild Wild West ran from 1965 to 1969

Dimitri Tiomkin wrote the music for It’s A Wonderful Life, for John Wayne’s Rio Bravo, winning Oscar for the music for Spencer Tracy’s The Old Man And The Sea, also winning for another John Wayne film The High And The Mighty, but proved his writing may have been out dated, and his time had passed. I did see that a future Oscar winner a young Dave Grusin worked on one episode of The Wild Wild West. The Wild Wild West ended in 1969; as did most westerns, and that part of the golden age of TV was coming to a sad end, and the western never really came back.

The Wild Wild West Sammy Davis Jr made a guest appearance in 1966


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Harrison Martin takes a jet pack for a test flight at the annual EAA Airventure Fly-in Tuesday, July 29, 2008, in Oshkosh, Wis. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

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The Hydro Powered Jetovator,and the many other jet packs. This was popular in the 1960s I remember watching Sean Connery in one. I’m pretty sure it was in the 4th installment of Bond which was Tunderball from 1965, and Professor John Robinson jetted off in one in the TV show Lost In Space. Its to bad they didn’t make a 2 hour TV movie of theatrical release of the show it was really cool. Now why actually fly now when a drone can do all the work.