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PC 89 03 September 1939 Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Kathleen Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, sons and daughter of United States Ambassador to England Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., arrive at the House of Parliament in London to hear Prime Minister Chamberlain's announcement that a state of war existed between England and Germany. Photograph in the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston.

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Famous people who died in a plane crash. No matter how famous you are, or how many millions your plane is worth. You are at the mercy of your pilot, the weather, and the plane it self. Some of the crashes that have resulted in fatality was at the hands of the actual famous person. Case in point John Denver was an alcoholic not legally permitted to fly, but there were no drugs, or alcohol in his system, when his autopsy was done. The cause of his plane crash, was his inability to switch fuel tanks, depleting fuel in one tank by practice take off, and landings. John Denver simply ran out of gas. Luckily Denver was the only passenger.

Not so lucky for Carolyn Bassette Kennedy, and her sister Lauren Bassette. When the Piper Saratoga ll which was piloted by Carolyn’s husband John F. Kennedy Jr crashed over Martha’s Vineyard. A major Kennedy curse here. Out of all the survivors of the 4 in President John F. Kennedy’s family who have departed, and who made it to adulthood Jacqueline Kennedy was the only one to die a natural death, Of course as of this writing Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is still with us, shes 58

Payne Stewart Golf star, the two time U.S Open winner one of the saddest of the plane crashes. He didn’t have a chance what so ever, but the good thing all the passengers including the pilot died of hypoxia. When the Lear Jet lost cabin pressure, and as on auto pilot crashed. So if it could be a good thing, all the passengers were already dead before the plane when down. It became an eerie ghost plane for many hours before crashing into a South Dakota corn field.


Famous actressCarole Lombard was married to actor Clark Gable when she died