Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950; this in all likelihood was the last gasp of a gangster movie that James Cagney had appeared in. He really should have stopped at White Heat, but this film came along. Th old Cagney from the 30’s was long gone, but still entertaining with some flair of the old days of James Cagney. Also starring Barbara Payton, Ward Bond, and Barton MacLane.


 Who Directed Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Gordon Douglas



The Public Enemy 1931; This film made James Cagney an instant mega superstar, which is rare after only about a year in Hollywood. Here is a very colorful movie poster, for a black, and white Warner Brothers film. I’m a mega Cagney fan ever since I was a kid. He made some great memorable performances in his 30 plus years in Hollywood. We remember the Captain in Mr. Roberts 1955, and as the psychotic gangster Cody Jarrett in White Heat 1949,or the coward in The Fighting 69th 1939

The Public Enemy also starred Joan Blondell, and Jean Harlow


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Bad Cowboys, there has been some really bad Hollywood westerns, and the actors that were in them made them bad. the best of the best of course was John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Randolph Scott, Jimmy Stewart, Clint Eastwood. You can’t just put gangster tough guy James Cagney in boots, and a Cowboy hat, and make it work, worst part put him up against someone even worst like Humphrey Bogart. You can’t give bogey a country accent, can’t do it can’t try. Bela Lugosi would have made a better cowboy.  Maybe this is why, and this is just my theory, is why Bogey, and Cagney never made another film together again after 1939’s The Oklahoma Kid, The Roaring Twenties. Humphrey Bogart never appeared in another western. The closest was maybe the Oscar winning John Houston’s The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.

I think the worst of all the Bad Hollywood cowboys had to be Frank Sinatra in the horrible Dirty Dingess Mcgee, from 1970, We can still here Hoboken, and he desperately needed a mike, and a night club.

Bad Cowboys of Hollywood



actors of the 1940s




Gary Cooper by Clarence Sinclair Bull

Burt-Lancaster-burt-lancaster-30570640-338-450 dana andrews download frank sinatra fred astaire gene kelly

circa 1955: American actor Gregory Peck (1916 - 2003). (Photo by American Stock/Getty Images)

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actors from the 1940s


actors In the decade of the 1940’s, these were some of the most popular actors. Amazingly Kirk Douglas is the only actor still living approaching 100 years old in 2016, and by the early 1940’s Humphrey Bogart finally became a star after being a co star being killed off in just about every film, with is break out hit in High Sierra in 1941, with new comers like Montgomery Clift the studios very carefully working him into the Hollywood machine with is first film, Red River from 1948 co starring John Wayne.

Actors in the 1940’s

Some long time vets still had big box office appeal, like Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, John Garfield, and Spencer Tracy There were new actors that were emerging in a post war Hollywood like Burt Lancaster, and his long time co star Kirk Douglas. African American actors were unfortunately barely on the radar. They were not in starring roles, unless it was a B film with an all Black cast. I was not until Sidney Poitier in the 1950’s to slowly change Hollywood.  We had crooners making films like Frank Sinatra, but the late 40’s getting more starring roles in musicals with Gene Kelly, by the late 40s Marlon Brando was still on Broadway, and soon join his friend Clift in Hollywood in the early 1950s