dion o'banion


Dion O’Banion Chicago crime boss in the early 1920’s, Chicago. He was Johnny Torrio, and at the time his second lieutenant Al Capone, direct and most feared rival. O’Banion met his demise on November 10, 1924 as three men entered his flower shop on 736 North State Street, which is directly across from the Holy Name Cathedral where O’Banion served as an Alter Boy. Unfortunately most historic crime scenes in Chicago no longer exist, long torn down, I think in the 1940’s.

Dion O’Banion where¬†was his headquarters

There is a parking garage in that spot now, needless to say I was hugely disappointing. I was in Chicago around 1995 looking for the flower shop building and it was gone. There is a parking lot in the spot now. Churches usually survives  unless it burns down. The Holy Name Cathedral is in the exact location. Just with a few up grades.


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