No living ex-Presidents, there has been 6 occasions when our Nation has had no living ex- U.S. Presidents, from 1799 to 1973 . We have George Washington who was our first elected President who served from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797; John Adams was sworn in as the second U.S. President March 4, 1797; and during his term, with the short retirement as President George Washington who died on December 14, 1799; leaving no living ex-U.S. President, from December 14, 1799 to when Thomas Jefferson was sworn in on March 4, 1801 John Adams became a living ex-President who by the way lived well into the 1820’s

Fast forward to Ulysses S Grant while he was in office, we lost 3  ex- Presidents, Franklin Pierce President 14, on October 8, 1869; Millard Fillmore 13 on March 8, 1874; and Andrew Johnson 17 who passed away on July 31, 1875; Which means from July 31 1875 to March 4, 1877 there were no living ex-Presidents.

Lets spring board to the Theodore Roosevelt era. Grover Cleveland almost made it to the end of Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency. Grover Cleveland died on June 24, 1908 leaving no living ex-Presidents from June 24, 1908 to March 4, 1909

When Harry Truman became President with the death of FDR on April 12th 1945, we had one living ex-President with Herbert Hoover 31; Now Truman was already old in 1945, actually he was older than FDR. When Truman left office January 20, 1953; he was about 69 years old, that’s pretty old, but remarkably he lived a very long time after leaving office, for a guy who drop the bombs on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki to put a swift end to WW ll. Even more interesting Truman as old as he was had no V.P from 1945 to 1949;  Harry Truman died a day after Christmas December 26, 1972 at the age of 88

During the Richard Nixon Presidency we lost three ex-Presidents The great General Dwight Eisenhower 34, who passed away on March 28th 1969; and then the fore mentioned Harry Truman, and with the death of Lyndon Johnson 36; who passed away January 22, 1973 this left no living ex-Presidents from January 22, 1973 to August 9th 1974; and gee Richard Nixon during all his Watergate scandal mess could have used, and Ex-President as an adviser to lean on for sure. When LBJ died on January 22, 1973 only a mere 27 days after Truman. I have to do some research on what Presidents died this close together.

Jimmy Carter has the record for living the longest after leaving the White House, by Jan 20, 2016 it will be 35 years

Richard Nixon picked Gerald R Ford, as his Vice President on December 6, 1973; So from January 22, 1973 to till 11:59 am on August 9, 1974 we had no living ex-President. When Gerald Ford took the oath at noon that day. Richard Nixon became a living ex-President, who actually lived for many years after, and then there were many ex-Presidents from the 1970’s on, to this day we have 4 living ex-Presidents franking they are stacking up. As of this writing we still have Jimmy Carter 91, George HW Bush 91, Bill Clinton 69,George W Bush 69; and now Barack Obama 56

Here is the interesting thing. All people are living much longer, ex-U.S Presidents probably get the best health care. To my knowledge a President has never died of cancer, so If all the current ex’s can stay alive, by January 20, 2017  we will tie a record of 5 living ex-U.S Presidents with Barack Obama joining the club, and if Donald Trump becomes a one term Commander In Chief and if all the older ex-Presidents can stay healthy will set a new record of 6 living ex-Presidents which has never happened we have to just wait, and see. The secret service is busier than ever.