who was the first super bowl mvp


What Network is televising the Super Bowl. You will find the big game on CBS this year. With Phil Simms, and Jim Nantz. I like these guys. They have been together for years calling games. Phil Simms the color, and Nantz one of the best at play by play.

How much is a 30 second ad the the Super Bowl, it’s 5 million dollars. The reason the Super Bowl is the biggest of all sports championships. It’s one game, no best of 5, or 7; just playoff rounds to get there.

Where is the Super Bowl played this year, In Santa Clara,CA at Levi’s Stadium. The home of the San Francisco 49ers. Which is a ball field that’s been around only a few years, and the first time the big game will be played there. I lived in Sunnyvale as a kid in the late 60’s which is just around the corner.

Who were the first Super Bowl teams. The Green Bay Packers, and The Kansas City Chiefs. This is when both teams were in totally separate leagues. The Packers in the NFL, which was the original league, and KC in the new AFL, that just been around for 6 years.

When did the the NFL and AFL merge. The both leagues became one officially in 1970; with The Baltimore Colts winning the first Super Bowl in the post merger era. We had the Baltimore Colts defeating the Dallas Cowboys 16 to 13


Who performed the first Super Bowl National Anaheim. University of Arizona, University of Michigan Marching Bands & UCLA choir.