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The  Anderson Tapes, was released in 1971 by Columbia pictures starring, Sean Connery,Dylan Cannon,Martin Balsam, and Alan King introducing Christoper Walken.  Directed by Sidney Lumet, Walken gets this rare introducing credit for a new up,and coming actor, or actress. Sometimes it could be a curse. I love this move. Its one of 5 or 10 movies that made me want to move to New York City. This film was released about 2 months before, the big Christmas blockbuster Bond Film Diamonds Are Forever, and would be Connerys last Bond appearance before the 80’s Never Say Never Again.

The Anderson Tapes Sean Connery Christoper Walken

The Anderson Tapes, was a Gangster film.  The movie begins with Connery, Walken, and another inmate being released from prison after a long stretch, the most interesting thing about the move is. The FBI, and other law enforcement agencies are filming, and video taping there every movement from the start of the move till the very end.  A deal is made with Alan Kings character a crime boss, to rob, an upscale apartment building located at 1 East 91st Street in Manhattan. Dyan Cannon plays Connery’s girlfriend who lives in the building. Well King gave Connery’s team the ok, which consist of Connery, Walken, Martin Balsam, Dick Anthony Williams,and Paul Benjamin, with veteran actor Val Avery. A great cast of new up, and coming method actors, with the old school.

Look for stand out performances by Garrett Morris playing a New York City cop, and well as Ralph Meeker. The Anderson Tapes is a small movie of course. A film not to over shadow, or out do Connery’s Bond a few months later, but a cleaver, very well made film, also by one of my favorite films by Sidney Lumet. He also directed Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon, and Henry Fonda, and Martin Balsam in 12 Angry Men about 13 years earlier. I saw the Anderson Tapes for the first time on HBO maybe in the early 1980’s.

The Anderson Tapes Sean Connery,Dyan Cannon

Remake rating is a five. This film I’m surprised has not been remade. I could see it staring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and maybe Angelina Jolie.

The Anderson Tapes, is clever because it kind of gives the ending away with out really doing it . Of course I’m not going to give it away here or spoil it , but its a fun crime drama with some comedy.

The Anderson Tapes, 1971 Sidney Lumet