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New York Giants quarterback Charlie Conerly (#42) looks to pass as the Baltimore Colts end Gino Marchetti (#89) applies pressure during the 1959 NFL Championship game at Memorial Stadium. Baltimore, Maryland 12/27/1959 (Image # 2069 )



NFL, the National Football league, There are still believe it, or not there is still a hand full of teams from the old NFL, pre 1970 NFL-AFL merger who have never won a super bowl, and there are some shockingly never made an appearance.  Lets have a look first at all the NFL teams who were in the NFL prior to 1970


Lets have a look at who was in the NFL in 1969;  these are teams who have never won a Super Bowl. The Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Theses are teams that joined the NFL, at various times through the 1940’s, and 1950’s, and 1960’s; with the Lions joining the league in 1930 being the oldest.

Now shall we take this a step further, shockingly even more, some of these teams have never appeared in a Super Bowl. We have the Cleveland Browns, and the Detroit Lions. The interesting thing about the old NFL. The Browns, Lions, and Eagles have all won NFL championships, in the 1950’s and 60’s, which were played in cold northern cities out doors in the snow, not a very pretty sight, but since the super bowl era, the Lions, and Browns never made it past the NFL championship, and only the Detroit Lions have never made it to the NFC championship in the post NFL championship era. You know very sadly no one cares about the old NFL. The Lions have actually won 4 NFL championship 1935,1952,1953,1957 if only they were called the Super Bowl back then.

The NFL championships have gone largely forgotten. The Detroit Lions with there 4 championship wins, and beating the beating Cleveland Browns in 1957 with there final appearance in an NFL title game, but nobody care or remembers outside of Detroit. The old timers can fondly remember those 1950’s wins with the flamboyant Bobby Layne years wining 3 of those championships. If they were Super Bowls we would remember them, but since pre-Super Bowl they are totally forgotten.

Its only fair to add the AFL, which was formed in 1959, and launched in 1960; These original AFL teams have never won a Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills, Houston Oilers now the Tennessee Titans, The San Diego Chargers, and the Cincinnati Bengals. Since the Titans records are part of the old Oilers, they have won two AFL championships, 1960, and 1961; with the Chargers winning a AFL championship in 1963; although all these are great accomplishments, but with the inception of the Super Bowl, again totally forgotten, as if they were never played.

This as if Major League Baseball’s National league being the senior circuit as it’s called didn’t play a world series until 1946, and both leagues had separate championships. The American league had there, National league with theirs, since they were separate leagues. Then in 1947 boom all merged up, and the world series begins, and those great Yankees championships with Ruth, DiMaggio, and Gehrig forgotten, can you imagine, but the American league was formed early enough in 1901, with the first World series in 1903; with the Boston Americans, and The Pittsburgh Pirates, with any National league championships befroe ’03 pretty much long forgotten.

Where was the first NFL Super Bowl played, the Los Angeles Coliseum

We got the picture, so with the new expansion teams. There are still newer franchises who have not won a Super Bowl. There are the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Carolina Panthers,  and I strongly believe, as long as the Lions been in the NFL, these new teams will win the big Super Bowl for sure.

Here’s a bit of NFL trivia, there are two teams who have the longest drought since appearing and winning there perspective Super Bowls. The Jets winning Super Bowl 3; in 1968 beating the favorite Baltimore Colts, and the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl 4 in 1969 beating Joe Kapp, and his Minnesota Vikings, both these teams have not only not won another Super Bowl. The Chiefs nor the Jets haven’t even been back since. Which is amazing, this should tell you how hard it is to win. As the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the first championship in the city since the 1964 Browns. The Brown, and Indians do have hope. The championship era was very big very big fan turn out, and televised, also the AFL


























The Beatles' Last Photo Shoot August 1969 (1)

The Beatles were photographed as a group thousands of times over the years during the 1960s, and only in the 1960’s; The fab four was never photographed in the 1970’s as a group, or as solo artist together even though on paper they were still officially a The Beatles until January 9, 1975; and with the final album Let It Be released in the spring of 1970, and with two new singles out that year Let It Be, and The Long And Winding Road it was only safe to assume even with McCartney announcing he was leaving the group on April 10th 1970; At this period they were still Beatles, as far as there fans knew with records out on the charts the entire year of 1970, with the Fab four winning an Oscar for best Original score for Let It Be at the 1971 Academy Awards. The Beatles were no shows of course, but the musical director of the Academy Awards Quincy Jones accepted the statute on there behalf.

When was the last photo session of the Beatles

This last photo shoot took place on Friday August 22, 1969; and it was two days after the last day all four Beatles were in a recording studio together at the same time working on the Abbey Road songs The End, and I Want You (Shes So Heavy). They would be in the studio working on Beatle records well up to April 1970 with over dubs, and mixing of Abbey Road until its release in September 1969, and the Let It Be album released on May 8th 1970; but John, Paul, George and Ringo would never be present at the same time in a recording studio. This historic photo session obviously was not planned to be the final shoot, as was there final concert on the roof of the Apple building in January 1969; The photo shoot took place on the grounds of John Lennon’s estate Tittenhurst Park, and also at Yoko’s home at Sunninghill.


One of the photos of them in front of the door at Lennos house was used as the cover of the Beatles greatest hit record called Hey Jude that was released in early 1970; I remember buying that album some years later, and just remembering how old, and different John Lennon looked from say 1966 less than 3 years earlier, and what was more remarkable about John Lennon when these photos were take in 1969; he was only 28 years old, with George, Ringo, and Paul all still in there 20’s as well.

What year was the last beatle photo shoot

What Beatle had the first #1 single George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord




wings3tumblr_llwwntKRpY1qznyz8o1_500tumblr_mipe3svGC81qfl41ko1_500shelynJohn and mick 4


The Beatles in the 70s, the fab four officially broke up in the late 60s, and on paper around 1976, with no more records until the early 90s, with the hit real love. As we can see the ex Beatles stayed remarkably close, into the 70’s 80’s and beyond. The last photo of all four Beatles together was taken around mid 1969 some time in the late summer around August.

As you can see there are many variations, of the Beatles together during the decade of the 1970s. You can see Paul with John, John with George  Ringo with Paul, and so on, but there are no know photographs with all four ex Beatles together. There very well maybe be some unpublished, but non has ever surfaced. That would be cool.


Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison finished working on The Let it Be  the last Beatles album, during the winter of 70, and early spring. There maybe some photos of the session, but I have never seen them, and John Lennon was never present at any of those sessions as far as I know of.


The Beatles photos from the 1970s