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Martin And Lewis were at the top of there comedic game in the 1950’s, So when did the comedy team era end. They were a comedy team, but not like the old school comedy teams we knew for years, like Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello. The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, or the Ritz Brothers. Martin and Lewis took comedy to a new level.

They were young, and had a lot of energy much like The Beatles would have about 10 years later, just comstatly go, go , go. lots of physical comdey. If you watch there classic comedy routines on the Colgate Comedy Hour. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were also for the most part they came from blue collar back grounds. Martin from the steel mill town of Steubenville, OH, and Jerry Lewis from Newark,NJ. There comedy was new different, and brash.

Why did Martin and Lewis Break up, My personal theory. Jerry Lewis wanted to really produce, and direct the act. Plus the comedy team era was coming to an end anyway. They came up in the mid 1940s in the post WW ll era. The war is over, and now lets find some fresh new comedians to follow.

Where was Dean Martin Born, Steubenville, OH

Martin & Lewis movies of the 50’s, this comedy team made very popular movies, and very profitable for Paramount pictures led by the powerful Hal Wallis, who also produced most of Elvis Presley’s films as well. A lot of the films were cookie cutter same format, but Lewis was funny, Martin the singer, and arguably the best straight man in the business.Who was the best¬†straight man Dean Martin hands down, Bud Abbott a close second. In comedy it’s all about timing.

Where was Jerry Lewis born, Newark,NJ

When did Martin and Lewis broke up. They decided to end there partnership on the night of July 25, 1956 the same year they had there final films out, Partners, and the final film Hollywood or Bust, so till the end there were at the top. They made there historic last ever appearance together at 2:30 am at the Copacabana night club in New York City. A who’s who of all Hollywood were in attendance, with Sammy Davis Jr as the only star they called on stage. That must have been cool.

Dean Martin solo career. Dean Martin, as well as Jerry Lewis both had very good solo career. Which is very rare when acts break up, usually one suffers , but Martin started doing the opposite in films with very serious dramatic rolls.

How Many films did Martin & Lewis Make, 16 in all

The first dramatic role for Dean was with Frank Sinatra in Vincent Minnelli’s 1958, also starring Shirley MacLaine, also co starring the same year with mega troubled star method actor Montgomery Clift, with Marlon Brando in The Young Lions. Also for Martin a big role in Howard Hawk’s 1959 Rio Bravo, with John Wayne, and new comer Ricky Nelson. Martin was nailed down as a good dramatic actor.

Jerry Lewis solo career. He stayed to what worked, with his usual physical comedy formula. The Delicate Delinquent, Rock A Bye Baby, The Sad Sack,Geisha Boy, very quickly produced, and released after the split. Very funny movies. I recall as a kid watching them on late night TV.

Dean Martin’s TV career. Dean Martin made the most money, and had clearly the most success on TV,with the Dean Martin Show debuting in 1965, and ran for 9 season on NBC, and made him very wealthy, not bad for a high school drop out. Who was more successful after the split Martin or Lewis. I think Dean Martin was. Lot’s of NBC stock. He did very very well. By the mid 60’s Lewis is comedy was becoming very routine, much like the Elvis Presley very cookie cutter films,and he tried and failed miserably at late night talk shows, did I say failed miserably.

Who was the funniest Martin or Lewis. The straight man is always quietly funnier.

Who was the funniest comedy team ever, hard question. I was a mega fan of the Marx Brothers. They didn’t made a lot of movies, and became very dated as the years went on, not there fault, but time marches on fortunately. Martin and Lewis kind of the same issue, but there movies live on forever, and they marked the end of the classic comedy team. A few came a long after. Cheech, and Chong, and Rowan and Martin, but they were clearly second rate.

When did Martin and Lewis break up, in 1956

From the Rat Pack era who were the member’s. You had Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr, Joey Bishop, and Dean. Martin and Lewis would have been right in the middle of the rat pack if they didn’t break up. They both hung out with the same crowd, and frequently cross paths all over Hollywood, and on Hollywood back lots.¬†Dean Martin died in 1995; and Jerry Lewis amazingly is still living, and performing at 89 years old, and will be 90 this year. I’m a big fan of Martin and Lewis, and both of them separately. They will live forever, with great movies, and great comedy.

What was Martin and Lewis first film, My Friend Irma from 1949