Movies That Made Me Move To New York City



Annie Hall Woody Allen 1977



Shaft Richard Roundtree 1971

Somebody Up There Likes Me Paul Newman 1956

dog day afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon Al Pacino 1975


The French  Connection Gene Hackman 1971


Rosemary’s Baby 1968 Mia Farrow

the hot rock

The Hot Rock Robert Redford 1972


the seven ups

The Seven Ups Roy Scheider 1973


the taking of pelham 123

The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three Robert Shaw 1974


the wrong man

The Wrong Henry Fonda 1956

three days of the condor

Three Days Of The Condor Fay Dunaway 1975




A Thousand Clowns Martin Balsam 1965


The Anderson Tapes 1971 Sean Connery


Do The Right Thing 1989


West Side Story 1961


Fort Apache The Bronx Paul Newman 1981


movies shot in new york

The Naked City Howard Duff 1948


There are movies that I  say, when I was a kid yes New York’s my home, regardless of the grittiness. There are movies since maybe the late 1940’s. That are shot exclusively in New York City. The Naked City from 1948 comes to mine first a great crime drama Starring Barry Fitzgerald, and Howard Duff, I remember as the first film shot totally on location in New York initializing most of the 5 borough of the city. There are certain directors who love New York, and what it has to offer as a back drop. When its a romantic comedy like Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, or the very dark, and gritty William Friedkin’s The French Connection, or what Sidney Lumet dose so very well in films like The Anderson Tapes, and Dog Day Afternoon, actually using the city itself as a set effectively.

Movies shot in New York City Midnight Cowboy, Kramer v Kramer, Ghost Busters

As far as I’m concern it’s not just a site of the Empire State building, or the Statue Of Liberty, but I like seeing parts of the city that are not  usually seen on screen. Like the Lower East Side, or Harlem. We are used to seeing Broadway, and Time Square, or the upper west or east sides. I like all the dirty areas they showed in Fort Apache the Bronx, and Brooklyn in the movie The French Connection. The Hells Kitchen scenes in West Side Story are perfect.



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