Johnny Torrio Near Death Gives Up Chicago

Johnny Torrio Chicago kingpin ran organized crime in the 1920’s, when it became a real organized business. Prohibition became law in 1920; Along with gambling, and prostitution with many other vices. There were plenty of organized criminal activities in the roaring 20’s, and Johnny Torrio was the head of the most powerful organized crime out fit in Chicago in the first half of the decade, with the hit of his boss Big Jim Colosimo in 1920; a hit ordered by Torrio, and now the boss, with now his mob in place with his second in command Al Capone controlled the south side of Chicago. Johnny Torrio’s partner in some of the illegal rackets were gambling, and co- owned the behemoth Sieben brewery with the Irishman Dion O’Banion.

Johnny Torrio died of natural causes in 1957


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