TO GO WITH AFP STORY "Bangladesh-Politics-History" By Julie Clothier In this undated file photo Former Beatle George Harrison looks on during a visit to the home of the Shankar family in Calcutta in 1972. A Bangladeshi lawyer who wants his country to officially recognise George Harrison and Ted Kennedy for highlighting its 1971 struggle for independence has taken his battle to the country's high court. Masood Sobhan says it is a "disgrace" the Beatles lead guitarist and US Senator were never formally thanked by Bangladesh for publicising its war of independence with Pakistan. (FILM) AFP PHOTO/Tekee TANWAR (Photo credit should read TEKEE TANWAR/AFP/Getty Images)


Who was the first Beatle to have a number one hit. In the post Beatle era. George Harrison, who was an excellent song writer, and was finally able to shine. George Harrison released a 3 album set called All Things Must Past 1970; A major hit record, and the first 3 record album to peak at number 1, and peaked at number 3 on the U.S. billboard charts.

What was the name of George Harrison first solo album, All Things Must Pass 1970

Where was All Things Must Pass recorded, Abbey Road studios. This album was co produced by Phil Spector, and George Harrison. A triple album a big risk for any artist, but Harrison was able to pull it off with a lot of help from his friends.

When did George Harrison die, Beatle George passed away November 21, 2001


How many times has George Harrison been married, George was married twice, first to Pattie Boyd 1966; and to Olivia Harrison in 1978;

I think if George would have been given opportunities, he would have produce more great music, especially on Sgt Pepper where he only has one song, called Within You, Without You.




A Good example of trumpet Voluntary, can be heard in the 1969 song by The Beatles called It’s All Too Much sung and written by George Harrison. This song is on the Beatles Yellow Submarine Album released in 1969



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