Zapruder Film which actually shows President John F Kennedy being assassinated. It’s no doubt one of the most remarkable films in history. What’s more amazing it was in a time where there was no iPhones, or any other technology to speak of, other than the 8mm movie camera the dress maker Abraham Zapruder used to film the event.





zapruder camera

The actual film camera Abraham Zapruder used to film President John F  Kennedys motorcade as it came through Dealey Plaza was called, the high-end model 414 PDN Bell & Howell Zoomatic Director Series Camera, yes that’s a lot to say, but back then the manufacture of the camera had to make it sound ultra high tech.


The final head shot was very gruesome indeed, and the good thing President Kennedy probably did not suffer. That last shot almost took his head clean off. If Oswald  had missed just like he missed the first shop which was much closer, Kennedy would be a 99 plus year old ex-president. The triple under pass would have shielded the limo after that last shot. Lee Harvey Oswald would have had no more opportunities to kill the President. The President would have recovered from the neck wound, and back wound, and would have went on campaigning for the ’64 election. If Oswald had gotten away, and maybe try another attempt in another city such as Denver, CO Memphis TN, or say Charleston, WV. The secret service security, and local law enforcement would be extra tight, and no more open cars, or open windows along the motorcade route.


I watched Clint Hills agonizing,  heart felt interview with Mike Wallace on 60 Minute around the mid 1970s, it would have been 10 or 12 short years after the assassination, you can tell when he said if I was just a few seconds faster, I would have been top of the President, and First Lady. Clint Hill is still living, he was a very young agent back in 1963, and now he’s an elderly man of 84; Now to be fair Oswald may not have fired those shots, but I guarantee you if he had to keep trying it would have be come very difficult after that day.


What I don’t understand about the spot that was choose for the assassination. The parade was pretty much over when the first shots were fired. It was then under the triple under pass, and to the Trade Mart for a speech, and then back to Washington. I think Oswald did it personally, only because it was so easy to get a gun back then, easy to get the job he had at the Texas School Book Depository, and easy to get in position to fire the shots, and the motorcade route was published for all to see in the Dallas Morning News. Then remarkable enough that Oswald was in the local FBI office, and threatened and agent by the name of James Hosty about a week prior to the assassination, about contacting his wife Marina, which would have gotten Oswald locked up just for that. There is much more should I go on, but I think you get the picture. I think even the worst shot would have killed JFK that sunny cool Fall Friday afternoon, it was just to easy, and very close firing at an open limo going just a few miles per hour.


What we have learned a lot about assassination’s since November 22, 1963; although there have been several  attempts since then. Gerald Ford twice, and Ronald Reagan actually being shot, but no killings. I’m glad there have not been more U.S. Presidents assassinated, because it was so easy to. I hate to say it, but it was. Going back to Abraham Lincoln in 1865, very easy, no lesson there learned really. James A. Garfield 1881 only 16 years after Lincoln, was even easier. He gets it in the back walking throught the Baltimore & Potomac railroad station in Washington DC, even more sad his two sons were there to witness it. Then about 20 years later William McKinley, Just about six months into his second term on September 6, 1901

Abraham Zapruder
Abraham Zapruder

The Zapruder film, will we see another assassination of a U.S. President not likely we hope, but if so with social media can you imagine the iPhone footage, and photos, even with JFK’s killing in Dallas there were a fair amount of filming, and photos at the time of the assassination. There was the Mary Ann Moorman Polaroid, and another film shot by Orville Nix. Orville Nix was using a Keystone auto-zoom model K-810 8 MM movie camera, but it was not until December 1, 1963 that the FBI found out about Nix, and his film.

What street was JFK assassinated on, Elm st in Dealy Plaza Dallas, TX

I’m from New York City, and when Bill Clinton U.S. President came to New York many times, and also when he was campaigning. I walked over from my office at 43rd and 5th Avenue to Bryant Park just a block around the corner to watch him speak when he was campaigning for office for his second term. This must have been around 1996; and I saw him come down 1st avenue to the United Nation around 1999; I remember there was an open window. The area could not be secured, and the Presidents motorcade could not pass by until the window was closed. The apartment was in a complex called Tudor City, a kind of mid evil gothic style building complex. I think the window may have stayed open, but there was an agent in the apartment, pretty amazing stuff to watch. I just lived down the street on 37th street between 1st and second avenue.


Zapruder film is the most famous film in history, because it simply captures an American President being assassinated, and on top of that its incredibly gruesome to watch. The first time I ever saw the Zapruder film was on a very short lived late night show called Good Night America hosted by Geraldo Rivera around 1975; I remember my mother calling me in to watch this, because she knew I was fascinated by it. The film was a bootlegged copy, but it was amazing to watch. The thing that struck me was my mother could not bring herself to watch it, and I remember hearing the gasp in the TV audience at the finial head shot. This was the first time this film had ever been shown on TV.

Zapruder died on August 30,1970 of natural causes

I’m sure Abraham Zapruder had no intentions on being famous by no means. He was just a guy who walked over from his office with one of his office workers, much like a lot of people did that day, or like I did in 1996; just to get a glimpse of a sitting President John F Kennedy as his motorcade barreled through the streets of Dallas that cool fall sunny day but Zapruder was the one who had the camera with the almost perfect film of the assassination.






Stevie Ray Vaughan






Rocky Marciano


Ricky Nelson



John F. Kennedy Jr.


Otis Redding


Audie Murphy



Bill Graham


Buddy Holly


Carole Lombard


Dean Paul Martin


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Glenn Miller

Jim Reeves Getty Michael Ochs Archives_1377195784365

Jim Reeves


Joseph P. Kennedy Jr


John Denver


PC 89 03 September 1939 Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Kathleen Kennedy, and John F. Kennedy, sons and daughter of United States Ambassador to England Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., arrive at the House of Parliament in London to hear Prime Minister Chamberlain's announcement that a state of war existed between England and Germany. Photograph in the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston.

Kathleen Kennedy


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famous died in plane crashes

Jim Croce



Payne Stewart


Ron Brown

Famous people who died in a plane crash. No matter how famous you are, or how many millions your plane is worth. You are at the mercy of your pilot, the weather, and the plane it self. Some of the crashes that have resulted in fatality was at the hands of the actual famous person. Case in point John Denver was an alcoholic not legally permitted to fly, but there were no drugs, or alcohol in his system, when his autopsy was done. The cause of his plane crash, was his inability to switch fuel tanks, depleting fuel in one tank by practice take off, and landings. John Denver simply ran out of gas. Luckily Denver was the only passenger.

Not so lucky for Carolyn Bassette Kennedy, and her sister Lauren Bassette. When the Piper Saratoga ll which was piloted by Carolyn’s husband John F. Kennedy Jr crashed over Martha’s Vineyard. A major Kennedy curse here. Out of all the survivors of the 4 in President John F. Kennedy’s family who have departed, and who made it to adulthood Jacqueline Kennedy was the only one to die a natural death, Of course as of this writing Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is still with us, shes 58

Payne Stewart Golf star, the two time U.S Open winner one of the saddest of the plane crashes. He didn’t have a chance what so ever, but the good thing all the passengers including the pilot died of hypoxia. When the Lear Jet lost cabin pressure, and as on auto pilot crashed. So if it could be a good thing, all the passengers were already dead before the plane when down. It became an eerie ghost plane for many hours before crashing into a South Dakota corn field.


Famous actressCarole Lombard was married to actor Clark Gable when she died



W.C. Fields 1880-1946




Eartha Kitt 1927-2008


Charlie Chaplin 1889-1977


Dean Martin 1917-1995


Joan Blondell 1906-1979


Denver Pyle 1920-1997




James Brown 1933-2006

These iconic singers, comedians, actors, actresses all died on Christmas day, Dean Martin died at home with his family around him including his ex- wife Jeanne.  Joan Blondell died of leukemia in Sana Monica,CA. Denver Pyle died of lung cancer.




Sal Mineo 1939-1976 Actor



Sam Cooke 1931-1964 Singer



Keith Moon 1946-1978 Drummer


cass elliott

Cass Elliott 1941-1974 Singer


Robert Walker 1918-1952 Actor



dean paul martin

Dean Paul Martin 1951-1987 Actor




Corey Haim 1971-2010 Actor




Brittany Murphy 1977-2009 Actress



John F. Kennedy Jr 1960-1999 publisher



Princess Diana 1961-1997 Princess



little willie john

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famous who died in there 30s

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nick adams

Nick Adams 1931-1968 Actor


famous people died in there 30s

Bobby Darin 1936-1973 Singer


Famous people died in there 30’s, Paul McCartney, and Linda McCartney was the last people to see Keith Moon alive besides his girlfriend Annette Walter-Lax. Moon moved into Curzon Place (later Curzon Square), Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London, renting from Harry  Nilsson in mid 1978, Moon was guest of Paul, and Linda for the preview of the Movie The Buddy Holly Story.

Keith Moon was found dead by his girl friend Annette Walter-Lax. Keith Moon died of an over dose of  Clomethiazole (Heminevrin), a medication he was taking as part of a program to wean him off alcohol. Now here is the odd strange twist. Cass Eliott was renting the same apartment, Keith Moon was renting from  Nilsson, and died there in 1974

Famous people died in there 30s, Sam Cooke was Shot in a seedy hotel in Los Angeles 12/64




dion o'banion


Dion O’Banion Chicago crime boss in the early 1920’s, Chicago. He was Johnny Torrio, and at the time his second lieutenant Al Capone, direct and most feared rival. O’Banion met his demise on November 10, 1924 as three men entered his flower shop on 736 North State Street, which is directly across from the Holy Name Cathedral where O’Banion served as an Alter Boy. Unfortunately most historic crime scenes in Chicago no longer exist, long torn down, I think in the 1940’s.

Dion O’Banion where was his headquarters

There is a parking garage in that spot now, needless to say I was hugely disappointing. I was in Chicago around 1995 looking for the flower shop building and it was gone. There is a parking lot in the spot now. Churches usually survives  unless it burns down. The Holy Name Cathedral is in the exact location. Just with a few up grades.


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