Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950; this in all likelihood was the last gasp of a gangster movie that James Cagney had appeared in. He really should have stopped at White Heat, but this film came along. Th old Cagney from the 30’s was long gone, but still entertaining with some flair of the old days of James Cagney. Also starring Barbara Payton, Ward Bond, and Barton MacLane.


 Who Directed Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, Gordon Douglas



Suddenly 1954; This is one of two films released that Frank Sinatra starred in after his Oscar winning performance in From Hear To Eternity, the other was the technicolor gloss family fun film Young At Heat, and this film which is the total opposite, black, and white, and just very dark. Sinatra at this point in his movie career was beginning to be taken very seriously as a Dramatic actor, but still not in the league of Marlon Brando, or Montgomery Clift. This film Suddenly is a very serious drama. It deals with an assassination attempt on the President of the United States. This film also stars: Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, and Nancy Gates



Hotel 1967; I saw this film on TCM; a few years ago. Its from an Arthur Hailey book. He is famous for writing books about regular ordinary things. Like Airport which also became a movie. Which did much better than Hotel. The problem with Hotel was for me it was very boring. Even with Rod Taylor as it star, and by the way is star by 1967 was fading very fast like a meteor. Well we had some deccnt performances by Karl Malden, and Melvin Douglas.