Pop Culture Connection, I began the brick and mortar business 4 years back, but my passion for collecting Collectible Toys and Comic Books began long before that. As a youngster, my mother and father would drive me to card shows where I was able to interact with people who had comparable pursuits. I always had a deep appreciation for collectors like myself. As I got older, I continued to network with other collectors while my “hobby” became my “profession”. My wife and I journeyed across the country to redistribute long lost valuables to those individuals whom could value them. Acquiring these “forgotten”items into the control of those who will enjoy them is just one of the benefits with this business!

Where is Pop Culture Connection located, they are located at 105 East Pittsburgh St Greensburg,PA

I labored to cultivate strong connections with collectors nationwide and the world. We have bought and sold collectibles in every state as well as over One hundred countries. We LOVE to meet new collectors and dealers. The greater part of our business is conducted online, however we still benefit from face-to-face transactions when possible. We employ a 2,000 sq . ft . retail store located 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pa. If you are in the area, don’t hesitate to stop in and check out our shop! We have Old-fashioned Toys from the early Twentieth century to the 90s on display. If you are a seasoned collector, or just getting started, we now have something for you! Please see our contact info for retailer hours as well as forthcoming shows and auctions.


Pop Culture Connection Located at:
105 East Pittsburgh Street. Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601
Phone / 724 691-0179
724 493-5716 Cell