The Mother Of All Bombs, Massive Ordnance Air Blast, GBU 43 Is the largest, and most powerful non nuclear bomb, its also know as the bunker buster. This bunker buster as its also called is more than 21,000 pounds. This bomb was dropped on an Isis location of caves, and tunnels in a remote area in Afghanistan April 13, 2017






















MASH, was a great TV show for a lot of reasons. The actors, the writing the directors ect , but MASH was on a great successful path pretty much from the very beginning with the exception of a few time slot bumps. The show made a very radical gamble when the ’74-’75 season ended. The show lost two of it’s most popular cast member’s on the same final episode of that season. Which was McLean Stevenson’s characters finial show, and the writers, and producers had to scramble to fix the mess, when his character was killed off. Wayne Rogers there was no special goodbyes, or send offs he just abruptly quit because of a dispute regarding is role on the show, and just did not return for the 1975-1976 season.


So on the finial show of McLean Stevenson, it was also the last show for Wayne Rogers, and the fall 1975 season began. It shows Hawkeye returning from Tokyo, and learning that Wayne Rogers character Trapper John McIntyre got all his point and was sent home great quick fix in writing. Well written, to explain his absence. It’s the Army at war in Korea, and people go home, or die.


Another big roll of the dice was replacing Trapper with is crazy womanizing ways was with squeaky clean BJ Hunnicut family man, and all the above, young just out of medical school. The chemistry with Hawkeye, and Trapper was very good, and to flip the chemistry was a major gamble that worked. The show was enormously popular so the flip in the show was something they could try even if it failed.


Lets take it a step farther, we had to replace the Stevenson’s role with a veteran full bird Colonel with Henry Morgan veteran character actor from old Hollywood, this guy was kind of forgotten. The last major thing he did was a re hash of Dragnet in the late 60’s; which ended in 1970; he was old school acting appearing in classic movies such as The Ox Bow Incident opposite Henry Fonda, and High Noon with Gary Cooper, and a string of B movies leading up to his MASH time.


The key to the show, as long as they had Alan Alda as there anchor, and kept him happy they could try, and make these radical changes. They lose Alda the show is over, and out. The most wild thing about MASH the show was very stingy. It was not like the wild CBS of the   Norman Lear era, pumping out spin off after spin off. As long as MASH was on TV, from 1972 to 1983; there was not one spin off while the show was in its full run. The show Aftermash started the fall of ’83; and there was a very, very horrible one episode that never got past a pilot which was called WALTER starring Gary Burghoff. Theses shows were not technically spin offs since MASH had already ended in 1983


Unlike all those great CBS Normal Lear shows, like All In The Family, and Maude, Lear was all about the spin off. I think you just had some anger, with some departing cast mates of MASH, that kind of killed opportunities for Stevenson, and Rogers. Wayne Rogers did not fair well after MASH he did a show that lasted maybe 13 or 14 episodes called City Of Angels that debuted in the fall of 1976; I did see one or two episodes. Wayne Rogers started an investment company which the bulk of his wealth probably came from, but his TV career floundered badly after MASH, with a small spark in the 80’s with House Calls. The same pretty much went for McLean Stevenson he did 3 very poor TV shows that came out back to back to back.


We had The McLean Stevenson Show 1977; In The Beginning 1978; and the worst of all Hello Larry 1979; but it was the only of the three shows that lasted a full season, and and there were some shows into 1980’s, but by then Stevenson was sadly regulated mostly to guest spots on shows like Love Boat, and The Golden Girls. The problem with Stevenson was. He was virtually an unknown actor when MASH debuted, which did not help him when he left the show. If his character was not killed off, and a spin off was created it would have probably worked.

In the following years other original cast member would leave. We would lose Larry Linville, and Gary Burghoff, and with the addition of David Ogden Stiers another risky move, but with the show in full swing in a new direction his addition to the cast worked. The show was taking a more serious tone, the wild antics of the early years mimicking the antics of the original movie were gone.  The best overall greatest success story of the show was the addition of Jamie Farr’s character Max Klinger who was trying to get out of the Army with a section 8, dressing as a woman. His character first appeared in the first season maybe a dozen shows in one of Hawkeye’s dear dad letter shows.

Jamie Farr’s character was just suppose to last just that one episode, but proved to be so popular, the producers wrote him in as a permanent character. Jamie Farr stated in an interview, this would have been the end of his acting career. If his role was not extended. Jamie Farr’s acting career dates back to the early 1950’s; and with a role in the Movie Blackboard Jungle starring Glenn Ford, and a young Sidney Poitier, but by the 1960’s his acting had been regulated to what is called being a day player, just picking up roles here, and there in a variety of TV shows, like Gomer Pyle USMC, and The Andy Griffith Show.   


As the show got into the late 70’s; and it was getting kind of silly that a show about a war that only in real life lasted about 3 year, from 1950 to 1953; was dragging on about 7 seasons, and by 1982 10 seasons in. It must have been getting harder and hard to write shows; and have holidays, and keep the continuity right which was completely thrown out the window at this point. MASH became a much serious show, by the late 70’s and early 80’s, and no more laugh track. A lot of the main stars of the original show are gone now. McLean Stevens died in 1996; Wayne Rogers died 2015; and Larry Linville died in 2000; and with the recent death of William Christopher passing away December 31, 2016

I’m still a very big mega fan of MASH, I have many of the shows DVR’ed on Dish, and can watch some of my favorite, and most memorable episodes. The show sends me back in time, back to the 1970’s. MASH when it first aired it did not do well in the first season. It was bounced around to several different time slots, and days of the week. I as a 10 year old kid watched, but honestly didn’t get the show, but with Alan Alda getting the spotlight it jumped in the ratings, and the rest is history. The MASH finale Goodbye Amen and Farewell which aired February 28, 1983 with 125 million viewers, I watched of course, was the most watch TV show ever. A record that will never probably be broken.




Tony Curtis as we know it, his best time in Hollywood as a leading man in Hollywood was long over by the late 60’s. He had major substance abuse issues, and was an alcoholic. He just bounced from one horrible movie after another, and even more starring in horrible TV shows, that didn’t last more that a half a season, or less. There were shows like The Persuaders 1971 with Roger Moore, and even worse a show called McCoy 1975; I remember it got a lot of press he went from talk show to talk show promoting it, and Tony was on the cover of TV guide. This show was part of NBC‘S Mystery movie series, part of a rotation of other shows. Which was very successful, but this one was not one of them.

Tony Curtis died in 2010


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Tony Curtis was one of the white hottest stars of the 1950’s; and got his start very early, working side by side with other Hollywood heavy weights of the decade. He was under the same wing, and management company with Universal,who also brought us Rock Hudson, and Tab Hunter. Tony Curtis had roles in films in Jimmy Stewart’s 1950 classic Winchester ’73, and by 1953 he was starring in his own the technicolor Houdini. Tony Curtis would co star with Burt Lancaster in two films in the 50’s, Trapeze 1956; and The Sweet Smell Of  Success from 1957; His star was even brighter towards the end of the 50’s; plus he was close pals to all the rat packers, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and close friends with Sammy Davis Jr, and Jerry Lewis. Tony Curtis was especially close to Sammy Davis Jr. He knew everyone in the business, and was well liked. A true matinee idol, with the beautiful movie star wife Janet Leigh.

Tony Curtis brother Julius was hit by a truck, and killed in 1938

By the late 50’s Tony Curtis was co-starring with Sidney Poitier in The Defiant Ones 1958, and with Jack Lemmon, and Mariyln Monroe in Some Like It Hot 1959; The last really good film of Tony Curtis career in my opinion was The Rat Race 1960, with Debbie Reynolds, and Don Rickles. I saw this movie on network TV maybe in the late 1970’s; This is one of my Favorite films, and one of Curtis best, but for some odd reason like a lot of actors, and actress, things started to go down hill for him fast by the mid 60’s


Tony Curtis was nominated for an Academy Award for the Defiant Ones in 1959

I have a theory why his career sputtered, and actors like Sean Connery, Steve McQueen, Sidney Poitier,Paul Newman, Richard Burton,and Jack Lemmon who were all close in age to Curtis flourished in the 60’s. Tony Curtis being the same age as Paul Newman, and Jack Lemmon, 5 years older than, Connery, and McQueen, and a few years older than Poitier. I would put Rock Hudson in the same boat as Curtis, but Hudson we will leave him to another article. Tony Curtis had all the matinee idol looks, but simply didn’t have the talent to be offered the real meaty roles of the 60’s, that Newman, McQueen, Lemmon, and even Walter Matthau were getting, or lets put Clint Eastwood, and Robert Redford of the later part of the 60’s in this group too.

I don’t believe Curtis had any real formal acting training which is a down fall of many actors, and actresses, with the method acting becoming the norm by the 60’s. He had a decent run till the mid 1960’s with ending with maybe The Great Race. You can’t say Tony Curtis did try one last hurrah as a serious actor, with The Boston Strangler 1968, but nice try. The film didn’t do well even with Henry Fonda as a co star. Don’t get me wrong great real life story, but just the wrong star . I can see Curtis trying very hard here to be a real big dramatic actor again, and it fail badly. It would have been like Elvis Presley playing Clyde Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde 1967; I would expect Elvis to Break out into song doing the twist with Ann-Margret as Bonnie Parker, rat a tat tat.



Tony Curtis as we know it, his best time in Tinseltown as a leading man in Hollywood was long over by the late 60’s. That ring a ding ding cool, of the rat pack era, was not playing well with the new Easy Rider counter culture period. Tony Curtis had major substance abuse issues, and was an alcoholic. He just bounced from one horrible movie after another, and even more starring in horrible TV shows, that didn’t last more that a half a season, or less. There were shows like The Persuaders 1971 with Roger Moore, and even worse a show called McCoy 1975; I remember it got a lot of press. He went from talk show to talk show promoting it, and Tony was on the cover of TV guide. This show was part of NBC’S Mystery Movie series, part of a rotation of other shows. Which were more successful than his.




Tony Curtis In 1945, Curtis was honorably discharged from the US Navy

Let’s go back to Tony Curtis in the 60’s for a minute. Now Tony Curtis could have been in a lot of great films of that period yes he was Kirk Douglas’s co-star in Spartacus 1960, but he was not the star. He didn’t get Hud, the Hustler, he was not in the Great Escape, or West Side Story, not even the Magnificent Seven. Tony Curtis was passed on in The Days Of Wine And Roses 1962. He didn’t get the lead in The Train 1965, or was not in any Westerns, Bernard Schwartz from the Bronx in a cowboy hat with that accent, not a gamble you want to make. So no The Sons Of Katie Elder, or The Appaloosa 1966

Tony Curtis was not one of the many big stars in The mega 1962 ensemble war film The Longest Day 1962 that starred just about every male actor, and singer of the day. There was no role for Tony Curtis in Judgement At Nuremberg, and he wasn’t Bullitt 1968, or The Thomas Crown Affair 1968, he missed out on Cool Hand Luke 1967. Tony Curtis was not in the big ensemble cast of the Dirty Dozen 1967;He could have gotten Harper 1966. Missed out on The Cincinnati kid 1965. He missed out co starring with Liz Taylor in Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf 1966, no role even with friend Shirley MacLaine in The Apartment 1960 or any Hitchcock films.

Tony Curtis was Born Bernard Herschel Schwartz in The Bronx, NY

So is it just Hollywood turning there back on him ,or just like I mentioned he just lacked the acting chops to compete with bigger, and other up, and coming stars of the day. Tony Curtis in the 60’s here are some of the Curtis choices just what he was offered, or he settled for. He opted for Boeing, Boeing 1966 with long time pal Jerry Lewis, Sex and The Single Girl 1965 with Natalie Wood, Arrivederci, Baby! 1966, Don’t Make Waves 1967, all these movies didn’t do well at the box office. The Great Race was the big box office exception of the 60’s, perhaps the last great money maker of the Tony Curtis acting career. This movie did in upwards of $25 million which was a lot in 1965 America, plus movies stayed in the theater much, much longer than they do now. Back then no Netflix, or cable TV.



Maybe for Tony Curtis he was winding down much like the Frank Sinatra rat pack era, by the mid 60’s all of those actors including Frank Sinatra, there acting careers were pretty much done. To be fair acting, and staying on the top of your game no matter who you are is tough. A lot of actors had a few years of making bad choices in there careers as well. Paul Newman not immune. Paul did some god awful films in the mid 60’s, and the late 70’s that almost tanked his career. Paul Newman did Lady L 1965,The Prize 1965,What A Way To Go 1964 will give him a pass on this one it was a cameo. Then we have A New Kind Of Love 1963, and the biggest failure in my option was Alfred Hitchcock’s The Torn Curtain from 1966, but he was able to successfully rebound very well in between these duds, with big successful films like. The Oscar winning Hud 1963, and hugely successful private Eye caper Harper 1965; These films did very well, and kept his career on an even keel. I will say the mid 60’s took a lot of actors by surprise with the Vietnam war in full swing, the, JFK assassination, fashion, Pop Art, and The British Invasion.




This is what happend to a lot of actors that came up in the 50’s, and were still living, and acting in the 60’s, they had the old Hollywood way of making movies, and acting still in place. Old Hollywood of the 50’s, like Gene Kelly, Alan Ladd,Kirk Douglas, Rod Taylor, Charlton Heston,William Holden,and will put Marlon Brando in that mix. They could not come out of that old Hollywood studio system mentality way of making films, and jump full force into the method. The Late 1950’s and early 60’s was an odd time for Old Hollywood. Actors like Marlon Brando, and Tony Curtis should have. I hate to say capitalized on the death of many of Hollywood’s biggest stars in a short 5 1/2 year span. In 1958 we lost Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn died in 1959, The King Clark Gable dies in 1960, Gary Cooper, and Jeff Chandler both in 1961, and Alan Ladd 1964; In this short span you had some major box office stars who died, and this should have blew the door wide open for Tony Curtis.

Tony Curtis was Married 6 times



I will make a small exception with the great Moses, Charlton Heston he had a seesaw up, and down period in the 60’s, and rebounded well like Newman. Tony Curtis was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for the Defiant Ones 1958; I strongly believe if he had won for that film. He would have told Hollywood yes I’m bad ass, I can act send beefier roles my way, because this is exactly what happen to Frank Sinatra after his Academy Award winning performance as Maggio in From Here To Eternity 1953; There was no Oscar curse with him. He got the Otto Preminger Man With The Golden Arm 1955, Suddenly 1955, Guys And Dolls 1955, and High Society 1956; Tony Curtis would have been on that level heading into the 60’s with a big Oscar win under his belt, as did his co star Sidney Poitier achieved with Lillies Of The Field 1963; He gets his Oscar in 1964, and the rest is history for him, and Charlton Heston’s 1960 Ben-Hur win.


tony curtis


Tony Curtis had a lot of great films in a short window under his belt, a lot of very good memorable technicolor roles, that I grew up watching as a kid, on late night movies, with my older brother. He was lucky to be part of the great golden era of Hollywood of the Swifty Lazar, Walter Winchell, Bogey and Bacall, James Dean, Stork Club,  Rat Pack, and Hedda Hopper era of 1950’s America. Personally I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at one of those big parties during that super cool time.









No living ex-Presidents, there has been 6 occasions when our Nation has had no living ex- U.S. Presidents, from 1799 to 1973 . We have George Washington who was our first elected President who served from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797; John Adams was sworn in as the second U.S. President March 4, 1797; and during his term, with the short retirement as President George Washington who died on December 14, 1799; leaving no living ex-U.S. President, from December 14, 1799 to when Thomas Jefferson was sworn in on March 4, 1801 John Adams became a living ex-President who by the way lived well into the 1820’s

Fast forward to Ulysses S Grant while he was in office, we lost 3  ex- Presidents, Franklin Pierce President 14, on October 8, 1869; Millard Fillmore 13 on March 8, 1874; and Andrew Johnson 17 who passed away on July 31, 1875; Which means from July 31 1875 to March 4, 1877 there were no living ex-Presidents.

Lets spring board to the Theodore Roosevelt era. Grover Cleveland almost made it to the end of Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency. Grover Cleveland died on June 24, 1908 leaving no living ex-Presidents from June 24, 1908 to March 4, 1909

When Harry Truman became President with the death of FDR on April 12th 1945, we had one living ex-President with Herbert Hoover 31; Now Truman was already old in 1945, actually he was older than FDR. When Truman left office January 20, 1953; he was about 69 years old, that’s pretty old, but remarkably he lived a very long time after leaving office, for a guy who drop the bombs on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki to put a swift end to WW ll. Even more interesting Truman as old as he was had no V.P from 1945 to 1949;  Harry Truman died a day after Christmas December 26, 1972 at the age of 88

During the Richard Nixon Presidency we lost three ex-Presidents The great General Dwight Eisenhower 34, who passed away on March 28th 1969; and then the fore mentioned Harry Truman, and with the death of Lyndon Johnson 36; who passed away January 22, 1973 this left no living ex-Presidents from January 22, 1973 to August 9th 1974; and gee Richard Nixon during all his Watergate scandal mess could have used, and Ex-President as an adviser to lean on for sure. When LBJ died on January 22, 1973 only a mere 27 days after Truman. I have to do some research on what Presidents died this close together.

Jimmy Carter has the record for living the longest after leaving the White House, by Jan 20, 2016 it will be 35 years

Richard Nixon picked Gerald R Ford, as his Vice President on December 6, 1973; So from January 22, 1973 to till 11:59 am on August 9, 1974 we had no living ex-President. When Gerald Ford took the oath at noon that day. Richard Nixon became a living ex-President, who actually lived for many years after, and then there were many ex-Presidents from the 1970’s on, to this day we have 4 living ex-Presidents franking they are stacking up. As of this writing we still have Jimmy Carter 91, George HW Bush 91, Bill Clinton 69,George W Bush 69; and now Barack Obama 56

Here is the interesting thing. All people are living much longer, ex-U.S Presidents probably get the best health care. To my knowledge a President has never died of cancer, so If all the current ex’s can stay alive, by January 20, 2017  we will tie a record of 5 living ex-U.S Presidents with Barack Obama joining the club, and if Donald Trump becomes a one term Commander In Chief and if all the older ex-Presidents can stay healthy will set a new record of 6 living ex-Presidents which has never happened we have to just wait, and see. The secret service is busier than ever.


James K Polk

James K. Polk had the dubious distinction of having the shortest life span, and retirement after leaving office. James K. Polk was a one term U.S. President, who was largely forgotten serving from march 4, 1845 to March 4, 1849; Polk was the 9th Governor of the state of Tennessee, and served as President between John Tyler another forgotten President. Who assumed office with the sudden death of William Henry Harrison, and Zachary Taylor who was the second U.S. President to die in office.  The time in the White House took its toll on James K. Polk, as do most Presidents its an extremely stressful line of work. Polk died in Nashville, TN at 3:15 pm on June 15, 1849 only 3 months after leaving office which was 103 days, as an ex-President.


James K. Polk  oversaw the opening of the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Naval Academy



I guess Torrio had a naive out look on life as a gangster, in very violent times. Thinking the killing O’Banion was just business, and thinking no one would come call, and try to take him out. He was very wrong. Johnny Torrio, and his wife Anna just arrive at there home at 7011-13 South Clyde Avenue in Chicago from a Michigan ave shopping spree. A hail of gun shots blew out windows of there chauffeur driven car, and riddled it with buck shot, from the hands of the murder team, shattering glass. Torrio’s wife Anna made it to the safety of there home unhurt. Torrio was not so lucky he was struck by gun fire several times, in the jaw, lungs, groin, legs, and abdomen, and then beat with a billy club, by Moran.


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Will Smith will not win an Oscar, probably never. He fits into the category of Tom Cruise. He has to decide on making big movies all the time, and occasional small Oscar worthy film, or what. In Hollywood you really can’t have it both ways. Ask Tom Cruise, or you could have asked Paul Newman up until he finally won in 1987 at aged 61 for The Color Of Money.

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will smith oscar bound


Will Smith will not win an Oscar, probably never. He fits into the category of Tom Cruise. He has to decide on making big movies all the time, and occasional small Oscar worthy film, or what. In Hollywood you really can’t have it both ways. Ask Tom Cruise, or you could have asked Paul Newman up until he finally won in 1987 at aged 61 for The Color Of Money.

I’m not taking anything away from Mr. Smith, he is the most money earning black actor on the planet, and did the right thing in picking his projects. Frankly if it was me, show me the money too. Now its crunch time, and actors in his same spot want that Oscar, to show there fans. I can really act, and I’m not just an action adventure guy. What really helps when they play real people, on top of that with an accent. These things help, but don’t guarantee Oscar gold.

Will Smith has played real people in the past, and was passed up by that elusive gold statue. He was nominated for best actor for Ali 2002, and The Pursuit Of Happyness in 2007; and passed up for both. I didn’t think both performances were Oscar worth in the first place. I think Will over acted in both of these movies, Happyness being really the best performance. They were very good, but not good enough. I think an unknown actor should have played Ali, and would have won, since Ali himself was a larger than life person that was still living, and everyone knows who he is plus hes still very relevant.  Like Al Pacino in the Godfather, even though, Michael Corleone was a fictional character, but the gamble paid off, by Coppola betting on an unknown actor against Paramount honchos wishes.

I like Will Smith, he is a good actor, he’s what the doctor ordered for African American Cinema. We need a dozen Will Smith’s out there making big Hollywood money that are black, male or female we need them desperately. If he never wins an Oscar, we still have a very good actor, with great memorable performances. He should not fill to bad if he never wins, maybe he dose not care either way who knows. I will tell you he’s in a great company of male stars. Who have never won an acting Oscar, but are still legends, and with a list of great iconic performances.

We have Kirk Douglas, Van Johnson, Tony Curtis, John Garfield, Montgomery Clift, Steve McQueen,Dana Andrews, Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, now that’s unbelievable hes been nominated 8 times. Albert Finney nominated 5 times no wins. These two not for acting Clint Eastwood, or Robert Redford. They both won for directing. Some have more than one. Dustin Hoffman, Spencer Tracy, Melvin Douglas,Fredric March, Jack Lemmon  Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn, Marlon Brando,and then Daniel Day-Lewis, with an amazing 3 Best Actor Oscars. The Academy award is like winning the Super Bowl. All you really need is one.


Will Smith got his star in show business as a rapper.


There are movies that I say, when I was a kid yes New York‘s my home, regardless of the grittiness. There are movies since maybe the late 1940’s. That are shot exclusively in New York City. The Naked City from 1948 comes to mine first a great crime drama Starring Barry Fitzgerald, and Howard Duff, I remember as the first film shot totally on location in New York initializing most of the 5 borough of the city. There are certain directors who love New York, and what it has to offer as a back drop.


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