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Roy Lichtenstein, from New York City school teacher, and one of the most important pop artist of the 1960’s


Beetle Bailey are there any old school comics left, well this one is for sure. Mort Walker has been drawing, and writing Beetle Bailey since 1950 this is 66 years. So Mort Walker is still producing Beetle Bailey, and is in his 90’s, This is probably the only comic strip, and the oldest still produced by the original writer, and artist.

Beetle Bailey was station at camp swampy

I was a big fan of this as a kid. And Sad Sack as well. I’d have to say Sad Sack was my favorite, because it was, and actual comic book, but Beetle Bailey is still with us by Mort Walker still living in his 90’s.



(Photo: Jaime Cone)


The Bowery section of Manhattan, a very historic area, made famous by the original Bowery Boys gang in the 1800s, and the Bowery Boys movies with Huntz Hall, and Leo Gorcey, of course CBGB’S Club where I spent new years eve 1991 ringing in the new year, and the skid row element of the city. I was in the Bowery back in March of this year walking from the East Village to SOHO, on a very cold winters day. It did not look the same. A lot of upscale building have gone up, and the look of the old Bowery is long gone. One of the structures date back to 1799 that was the year. George Washington died our first president, can you imagine that 216 years old. So good bye to these old New York City addresses 138,140,142

Process Number Z1965000127 Application Name: BURGER KING INC. Application Date: Location: 18240 S. FEDERAL HWY. (STATE RD. #5) (US #1). County/Muni: Processor: Appeal: N App Type: Request: Units: Lot Size: Bldg Sq Ft: Contact: Phone / E-mail: () - / Address: City, State Zip: , Current Zone: Zone To: Board Resolution Result Hearing Date Item # BCC Z20465 APPEAL APPROVED, APPLICATION DENIED 9/23/1965 C03 3ZAB33065 APPROVED 7/14/1965 Folio S T R 00000000000000 32 55 40

A Miami-area Burger King in the 1960's. This image was cleaned and enhanced by Don Boyd on 8/29/07 for display on his websites.

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Burger King, I recall going to this fast food restaurant for the first time maybe in the early 70s, In Norfolk,VA they had very good apple pies. I  remember after swimming at the base pool, being very hungry.  This company started  in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain. After Insta-Burger King ran into financial difficulties in 1954


Burger King started in Florida


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Eerie Magazine I was a big fan when I was a kid in the 70s, and a big fan of a show called Creature Feature. Which came on TV on Saturday, and would only show scary movies. Mostly old movies from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, Like Creature From The Black Lagoon from 1955, Werewolf Of London, and The Mummy ect. The Magazine was pure great Americana, great stories, amazing graphics, and had the simplicity of the Creature Feature show. Eerie was not in my eyes considered a comic book. It was like a scary version of Madd magazine.

Eerie began in 1966 ended in the early 80s, I guess it got out long before the internet, and xBoxes, and iPhones took over the world. Eerie did not last as long as some, but much longer as others, but it left a legacy, and great memories for people my age. Eerie is long gone now, over 30 years gone. I would love to collect some old copies.

Eerie Magazine from the 60s and 70s