Bad Cowboys In Hollywood Westerns

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Bad Cowboys, there has been some really bad Hollywood westerns, and the actors that were in them made them bad. the best of the best of course was John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Randolph Scott, Jimmy Stewart, Clint Eastwood. You can’t just put gangster tough guy James Cagney in boots, and a Cowboy hat, and make it work, worst part put him up against someone even worst like Humphrey Bogart. You can’t give bogey a country accent, can’t do it can’t try. Bela Lugosi would have made a better cowboy. ┬áMaybe this is why, and this is just my theory, is why Bogey, and Cagney never made another film together again after 1939’s The Oklahoma Kid, The Roaring Twenties. Humphrey Bogart never appeared in another western. The closest was maybe the Oscar winning John Houston’s The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre.

I think the worst of all the Bad Hollywood cowboys had to be Frank Sinatra in the horrible Dirty Dingess Mcgee, from 1970, We can still here Hoboken, and he desperately needed a mike, and a night club.

Bad Cowboys of Hollywood


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