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Dion O’Banion Chicago crime boss in the early 1920’s, Chicago. He was Johnny Torrio, and at the time his second lieutenant Al Capone, direct and most feared rival. O’Banion met his demise on November 10, 1924 as three men entered his flower shop on 736 North State Street, which is directly across from the Holy Name Cathedral where O’Banion served as an Alter Boy. Unfortunately most historic crime scenes in Chicago no longer exist, long torn down, I think in the 1940’s.

Dion O’Banion where was his headquarters

There is a parking garage in that spot now, needless to say I was hugely disappointing. I was in Chicago around 1995 looking for the flower shop building and it was gone. There is a parking lot in the spot now. Churches usually survives  unless it burns down. The Holy Name Cathedral is in the exact location. Just with a few up grades.


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Actors/Singers Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra attend the Frank and His Friends Valentine's Day Love In II on February 12, 1983 at Canyon Hotel in Palm Springs, California. Ron Galella Archive - File Photos Various Locations Various Cities, Various States United States Circa 21st century Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage.com To license this image (15146685), contact WireImage.com

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Frank Sinatra, the greatest singer on the planet even still since is death in 1998, is 100 years old. The great director Otto Preminger, said he would have been one of the greatest actors if he would have focused on acting, but we all know what ole blue eyes day job was. I have a few favorite Sinatra movies. I like the star studded From Here To Eternity, also starring, Burt Lancaster, and Montgomery Clift, and The small movie called Suddenly, a very well made film. Happy birthday Frank

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The Beatles in the 70s, the fab four officially broke up in the late 60s, and on paper around 1976, with no more records until the early 90s, with the hit real love. As we can see the ex Beatles stayed remarkably close, into the 70’s 80’s and beyond. The last photo of all four Beatles together was taken around mid 1969 some time in the late summer around August.

As you can see there are many variations, of the Beatles together during the decade of the 1970s. You can see Paul with John, John with George  Ringo with Paul, and so on, but there are no know photographs with all four ex Beatles together. There very well maybe be some unpublished, but non has ever surfaced. That would be cool.


Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison finished working on The Let it Be  the last Beatles album, during the winter of 70, and early spring. There maybe some photos of the session, but I have never seen them, and John Lennon was never present at any of those sessions as far as I know of.


The Beatles photos from the 1970s